The 7 Ghanaian foods every worker buys after work

The 7 Ghanaian foods every worker buys after work

Fried Yam. Whether with fish or chicken or fried turkey bits (Choofi), fried yam is a light affordable supper that is a favorite choice any day. 3o3bpd6gq2s4iaq12.5e18d7ec Kelewele with or without peanuts is a number one choice. Kelewele is a delicious meal of diced plantains, generously spiced and fried, and can be found almost anywhere especially in Accra. 3o3bpd1tpbiencibqo.8133df93 Indomie. How can there be a night time meal without the mention of Indomie? In recent times, the popular noodle brand has popped up in many spots across Accra. Mixed with vegetables, sausages, eggs or sardine, large crowds of workers queue every evening to grab a packed meal of indomie as they head back home. 3o3bpd6cs5efda5tt.e51f7fa9 Egg Sandwich (Popularly known as Chibom) is another light supper choice. Top it off with a warm cup of Milo or Hausa Koko and expect a long restful sleep. 3o3bpd5dh1uvrs2g1.0193073c Banku. Banku is another staple Ghanaian meal that is very popular and well patronised. Lots of bus stations in the capital city, spot different Banku setups with different soups or with grilled Tilapia.

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