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9 Jobs That Are Only For Hot Girls – As someone who is new to the LA area, I have a few things to learn. Beyond learning how to navigate LA (which is still a struggle), I also have to learn certain things that relate to everyday life lessons. For example, how some women can use their looks to get into the popular nightclubs or to get guys to buy their $12 Manhattans at the bar. Like I said, still learning.

Some people have already mastered these skills and put their looks to good use. You know the people I’m talking about. You look at their careers the same way most people look at the Kardashians and Jenners… Like, how are you making money based off of your ability to do nothing…?

We can’t blame these people for doing what we can’t. Honestly, if I could be paid thousands of dollars to wear someone’s merchandise, take a photo in it and post it to Instagram, I would do it. No question.

So, if you’re one of the lucky people who have been handed the looks of a Greek goddess with a body to match, here are some career options for you. No disrespect, because I’d be right there with you all if I could be. Also, anyone who has one of these careers has fully embraced their looks, and while we know these people are all clearly feeling themselves, who could blame them for cashing in? Just maybe have a backup plan for when you hit your 30s, just in case…

10. Music Video Extra

I don’t know if you know this, but it’s actually pretty hard to become a dancer for a living. Dancing is hard on the body and takes a major amount of discipline.

However, there are levels to how hard one has to work to become a music video background dancer. From my brief encounter with music video production, it has come to my attention that there are two main ways to really get a job in a music video: be a standout talent or know the director. So, for example, if you’re looking at one of Sia’s music videos (like “Chandelier”), you’re clearly looking at a skilled dancer.

If you’re watching your typical rap music video, be prepared to see a lot of pretty faces. There’s a good chance one of these super attractive women only got the job based on looking good and knowing somebody. But hey, they might as well use it to their advantage, right? If you’re nice to look at, why not let people enjoy the view?

Maybe this is your big break to a long lasting career – here’s looking at you Emily Ratajkowski.

9. Bottle Server

Now, there’s a very good chance that if you have this job, you probably were offered the job based on your looks, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate you.

I have to admit that a few of my friends in college were bottle service girls, so I have fully used this position to my advantage but, you honestly can’t be in bottle service and not be aware that the main reason you have your job is because you look good in your uniform. You may have many years of service experience and be extremely nice, but your boss isn’t going to let you come into work in jeans so let’s all agree to the fact that your looks help you succeed.

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Getting free alcohol for your friends and making a good amount of money should help you deal with those older creeps who won’t leave you alone, right? As long as you’re in a safe environment, there’s nothing wrong with making a little bit of extra money by using your charm so enjoy it while you can!

8. Television Personality

You’re good looking but don’t feel like being in a music video or being in bottle service? Fear not, there are many other options!

Why not be a television personality? Yes, that’s a real thing these days. You know that hot girl who was on The Bachelor, followed by becoming The Bachelorette then appearing on Bachelor in Paradise? Yeah, I bet if you asked her what he she for a living, television personality would be her answer. It’s hard to claim to be an actor when you were actually on a reality TV show as yourself. So this is the solution to that dilemma.

These days you don’t even have to be the host of a show like Chris Harrison or Ryan Seacrest to be your own personality. In fact, you could be on a reality show for a few months and turn it into your new career. I hope you have other shows lined up, though, because once people forget about the show you were on, you’re going to still need to make some money. Cash in on those looks while you consider your next move!

7. Event Hostess

shutterstock_hot girl 9
If you get paid to greet people at an event or better yet, just show up to an event, you may be good looking. I don’t want to shock you, but being the host of an event means that people think you’ll help get audiences to their venue by just being you. That’s a huge compliment if you think about it! People like Scott Disick and Jax Taylor get paid some major money to be put on a poster and look good while they drink for free at a bar. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Just saying, as long as you’re aware that you’re there to bring in crowds who just want to look at your face, just enjoy your life! We all know that you know you’re good looking, so don’t be coy – take photos and sign autographs while you’re at it.

6. Promoter
Just one step away from being the event host, a promoter is also paid to look good and bring in audiences. Typically, as far as LA nightlife goes, promoters are extremely good looking people who use their charm to bring extremely attractive people to specific nightclubs. If you’ve been hired to convince hot women/men to come to a nightclub and spend money, someone has confidence in your charm and abilities to bring in crowds. Hot men tend to attract hot women, and vice versa. So, you probably roll with a solid group of a few super attractive young people. If this sounds like you, you’ve embraced your looks to help your career. You’re damn good at looking good, and don’t you forget it!

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5. Bartender/Waitress At An Exclusive Restaurant

Restaurants and clubs form their own industry in major cities so here is yet another example of working in this industry based off of your looks. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that LA is probably one of a few major cities where the vast majority of young people actually work hard to be employed by bars and restaurants. These jobs aren’t just your typical waitress, hostess or bartender jobs, because they’re at a whole new level out here. You want to be a server at Hyde on Sunset? Good luck with that, I hope you know the owner because otherwise, you better be a dime. It doesn’t matter if you have a college degree and 3 years of serving experience. If you’re not extremely good looking, you’re not getting the job. They can’t just have anybody serving Justin Bieber, right?

In all seriousness, they really do take your looks into huge consideration because you could be making $500 dollars/night if you play your cards right, so who wouldn’t want that chance? They can only take the best of the best, and if you have this job, you know you’re that next level.

So, take your selfies in the bathroom and post your tweets about serving Biebs his dinner because you know you can, and that $200 tip is going to be validation that you’re doing something right.

4. Lead Singer

To be a singer or musician in a band, you clearly have to have some real musical talent. To be in a super successful band or solo artist, though, there’s a very good chance you have to be good looking as well.

Look, this isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary, it actually means that you’re more of a threat! Learning to play an instrument or to sing puts you ahead of the curve, but to be the face of a band or to get the attention of audiences, being good looking can only help. If you’re the lead singer/guitarist/etc in a band that is taking off, pat yourself on the back and look in the mirror because you’re probably super hot.

Use your looks to your advantage and get bigger crowds because you’re literally making money based off of ticket sales so it’s a good thing if they want to pay to see you!

3. Personal Trainer/Life Coach

With all of the new careers out there based on social media and new technology, it is still fascinating to me that people look up to life coaches and personal trainers to reach their goals. I get the appeal though, and honestly, if a personal trainer didn’t cost money, I’d absolutely have one. To be a successful personal trainer or life coach, that means that your clients basically want to be you and/or have your body. So, with that being said, there’s probably little doubt in your mind that your body is banging. You probably work very hard for it, so you might as well walk around shirtless whenever possible and get yourself more clients!

Embrace your looks/body and make that money! Just don’t stare at the mirror for too long because that’s valuable time you could be spending in the gym making money.

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2. Instagram Personality

I have to admit, that I personally find the fact that this is a job title to be utterly hilarious. Ten years ago if you told your parents that you were just going to take photos of yourself throughout your day on your iPhone and that it’d help you gain marketing and modeling opportunities with big pay checks, they would’ve laughed in your face. Well, let’s be honest, they might still do that.

Now if that’s what you want to do, you at least have successful examples to show them that it may work. Let’s not avoid the obvious here: if you’re getting paid to take a photo in merchandise and post it on Instagram, you know why you have this opportunity. You may still be a very intelligent person, but you’re getting paid to sit still and look pretty.

If you can turn that into a career, good for you. Just don’t be surprised when people assume that you think you’re hot shit, because it would be hard not to get a bit of a big head in this circumstance.

1. Actress/Model

Last but not least, we have the obvious career choice based on your looks: acting and/or modeling. Now, slightly different than being an Instagram Model, you actually have to go through a good amount of effort to get a gig, but if you manage to be a successful model or actress, there’s a good chance that you think you’re good looking.

I’m not saying that it’s easy, and, in fact, I know that acting (and even modeling) is very difficult. There’s a very good chance that at some point growing up you were under the impression that you’d do well in this career because everyone else thought you would based on your looks. To actually be a good actress or model, you have to practice and get the right opportunities, but going into this career I think it’s fair for us to assume that your main qualification was your looks. I wouldn’t want to see anyone else besides Zac Efron as the star of Neighbors because his shirtlessness was pure gold. He knows it and he works hard for it, but he probably has to work that much harder to prove that he also has actual acting talent.

It can be a gift and a curse to use your looks for your career, but you might as well focus on the positive!

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