This Adorable Robot Puppy Will Tell You If Your Feet Smell


In a group setting, you want to make sure that there is nothing off-putting about you, especially the odor you are emitting.

And in a culture like Japan’s, where it is customary to remove your shoes upon entering someone’s home, it makes sense that innovation would focus on making sure there aren’t any smells coming from your feet.

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Enter Hana-chan. The tiny 15 centimeter robot puppy will bark if your feet smell a little bit — but in more dramatic fashion, it will roll over and faint if the odor is truly pervasive. It’s not just being mean, it will give you a hand by spraying air freshener to make the scent more pleasant. Hana means nose in Japanese.

The robot was made by Next Technology, a company that is also behind a robot that detects bad breath, so we’re sensing a theme here. Hana-chan will be available next year and will retail for $905. To get a whiff of the new bot, check out the video below.

Let us know in the comments: Is this robot something you would purchase?

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