AFRICA Is Dying Because We Elect THIEVES As LEADERS – A Must Read

AFRICA is dying because we elect THIEVES as LEADERS says Prof LUMUMUBA (Video)

A Kenyan law lecturer, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba, has challenged Africans to embrace who they are in order to achieve economic growth and total liberation from the Western world.

According to him, the myriad of challenges facing the African continent is as a result of the continuous reliance for assistance from “our former colonial masters”.

He said it is about time African’s recognised that they are Africans and begin to behave as such and break the artificial boundaries that have been left behind by their colonial masters.

Speaking on Citi FM ahead of the P.A.V Ansah Memorial Foundation Forum, Friday, Prof. Lumumba noted that, “Africa can only realise her potential if we only recognise that the boundaries bequeathed to us by the colonialists are artificial. And the sooner we begin to engage as one people the safer we are.”


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