Africa’s Economic Development, Industrialisation Could Surpass China’s

Africa’s Economic Development, Industrialisation Could Surpass China’s – The Special Envoy of china on African Affairs, Ambassador Zhong Jianhua, on Monday said that Africa’s economic development and industrialisation could surpass China’s, if the continent would see Chinese businesses operating in it as healthy economic competition instead of exploitative instruments.

China’s economic relationship with Africa has been a point of major discussion globally, with many of the opinion it is exploitative.

According to THISDAY, the Ambassador Jianhua said: “ …our obligation is to see that Africa becomes industrialised; we see this as a win-win engagement that is why our new president will be visiting three African countries; South Africa, Tanzania and Congo Republic within March to underscore our commitment to the growth of Africa.”

The ambassador recounted the china experience; how the country learnt from American corporations operating in the country to transform the economy and businesses, and aggressively compete with foreign companies.

“What happened with china is no miracle but wisdom, hard-work and dedication,” Jianhua said, adding that Africa should embrace competition and the challenges of economic reform.

Africa can step in to take charge of developing its economy; it has got to make the best use of its potentials and economy to compete with china in a positive way.”