After 10 Years, Google Chrome Gets an Update: 8 Things to Try

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Chrome has looked pretty similar for a decade, but version 69, a 10th anniversary overhaul, is a significant update. Here are the most important new features.

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After 10 Years, Google Chrome Gets an Update: 8 Things to Try

It’s hard to believe that Google’s Chrome web browser is already 10 years old. On the other hand, given its dominance, it may be hard to believe that it’s only 10 years old. However you feel, Google is giving Chrome a major visual update to celebrate this milestone. But there’s more than superficial design changes in Chrome 69, as you’ll see below.

Google’s Chrome has become the go-to web browser for many. While Firefox and Opera have undergone major redesigns, and newer browsers with their own looks, like Edge and Vivaldi, have appeared, Chrome’s angle-tabbed appearance has remained pretty much the same for a decade. That all changes with the release of version 69, targeted for Sept. 4, which brings what Google calls its Material Design language to the web browser.

Chrome has taken a beating for its memory and storage use, battery drain on laptops, proprietary technologies, lack of reading view or sharing options, weak ad-blocking and privacy concerns in general. Yet it’s the most popular browser in use and the favorite target of web developers. Google has been very aggressive at adding new technologies, sometimes making Chrome the only browser that works with some of the company’s web service features.

Here’s a look at several of the more outstanding new features coming to Chrome. For more, check out PCMag’s top Google Chrome tips.


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