Attention: You’re Losing Hard Earned Cash Without Creating Quality Content


Your game is about volume.

You want to flood the search engines with massive amounts of rubbish just so you can secure an increasing number of rankings.

Outstanding Website

You are so, 10 years ago.

Back then you could game the search engines with such strategies. Google was, after all, in it’s infancy.

Today, things are different.

Today, you need to offer value to your readership or you will have a long road to success waiting for you.

Today, it is about:

Defining Quality Content

Here’s what quality content is not.

  1. It is not appealing to search engine algorithm’s instead of viewer interest.
  2. It is not keyword density, meta tag manipulations, or even bolding identified terms on a page.
  3. It is not ways of tricking the search engines into giving you rankings you really don’t deserve.

Simply put, quality content, is for lack of better words. Quality content!

That quality is as defined by your viewer first and foremost.

So, what are viewers looking for?

  1. Easy to scan content.
  2. Informative value from start to finish.
  3. Information that truly does make a difference in their lives as it relates to the topic at hand.

You and Your Lost Income

Do you find yourself in agreement or disagreement with the message brought forward under defining quality content?

Share your thoughts in the comments below and then come back to find out who is getting all your money.

So, who is it?

Well, it isn’t you if quality content is not being created. Here’s why.


Let’s say that you have Google sending traffic to you. Things are grand. Then you start sharing stupid stuff to your niche.

What happens?

Your viewers see this and start spending less time on your site. If it continues they will correspond by not visiting multiple pages when they stop by. This in turn increases your bound rate.

More on those details in a moment.

Need I say that if a viewer doesn’t find your content of value they will be less likely to check out advertisements and/or engage with products and services that you are offering directly?

For example, let’s say I have a coaching program that I offer to people that want to learn online marketing for themselves (which I do). If I turn out content that leaves people wondering why they took time to read it, what is the likelihood that they will want to pursue being coached by me.

Bottom line?

My profits go out the window.


I brought out 2 points above.

  1. Time on site (You want people spending as much time as possible on your site.)
  2. Bounce rate (You want people visiting as many pages as possible on your site.)

While other factors do matter to the Google algorithm, not having the above numbers where they belong can cost you plenty.

As viewers respond by their engagement, or lack of it.

Google is watching.

If Google determines that the content you are sharing is not quality, then they will respond by dropping you in the rankings on their organic search results.

If you aren’t showing at the top of the rankings guess what the result is?

Yup, lost traffic.

Lost traffic means even less people reviewing your half-hearted content with even less sales being generated.

You lose.


I wish the problems with cash flow stopped there, but they do not.

I’m a Guest Blogger. That means I write for other sites so that they can post my content with a backlink to my site.

Unfortunately, guest blogging has a bad rap because of how many people reach out with stupid stuff instead of bringing high quality value at every level.

When I reached out to The Lifestyle Marketer (the site you’re on), here is how the transaction went.

  1. STEP 1: My intro letter with detailed examples of my writing was offered.
  2. STEP 2: I received a response that made me smile with understanding familiarity.

Hi Guy,

Nice outreach!

I had half written my normal reply to outreach requests… “as TLM is a personal blog and I like to do all the articles myself”

However, as the examples you gave were pretty in depth, I decided to say… go ahead, I’ll be happy to host a guest post.

I quite like the first topic you suggested.



  1. STEP 3: You’re doing it right not by reading the results of our combined efforts.

What does all this mean to my financial bottom line, or yours as you produce quality content at every level?

  • Increased authority given by Google as more high domain authority sites choose to post my articles with links. That leads to more traffic which hopefully leads to more revenue.
  • Joint venture possibilities with the sky being the limit between likeminded people working together on a common mission within my given niche.
  • Viewers that enjoy my quality content will be more likely to visit my site and get to know more about me thus leading to additional potential revenue sources.

Those are just 3 ways in which peers can increase revenue because of the quality content you deliver at every level.

Can you think of other ways in which you would be losing by not offering quality content?

Tell us in the comments below, then return here for a detailed explanation of exactly what quality content is.

Quality Content Checklist

Want to be sure you are delivering quality content on every level?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does my content exceed 1000 words? It doesn’t always have to but it is good to do so.
  • Am I using bullets and numbering effectively?
  • Are my paragraphs short? I recommend no more than 2 or 3 sentences per paragraph.
  • Am I using informative headings and sub-headings?
  • If I found this article on the Web would I consider it of value given that it is written by some unknown other person? Try not to get to attached to your content simply because you are the author.
  • Does the content I am creating fit with the target niche I am creating? The more focused you are the more focused they will be.
  • Have I really offered a valuable user experience or am I more concerned about Google rankings? Today, Google rankings are achieved by offering quality user experiences.

If you answer yes to these questions above, then the content you are producing is quite likely quality.

Want a litmus test for that?

Have 3 other people read the content before you post it live with the requirement that they give you their honest opinion about what you have written.

Closing Thoughts About Quality Content

Creating quality content is not as difficult as it might seem. That is especially true if you are highly familiar with the niche that you are building, which I do recommend.

Have you been creating quality content?

If so, what would you add to the thoughts shared above?

If not, why not?

Your questions, comments and concerns are welcomed in the comments below. Together we can make the Web a better place to read.

Guy Siverson – Author, Blogger and Online Marketer. He has been a celebrated Online SEO Marketer since the early 90’s. Guy’s greatest joys are his family, friends and helping educate, inspire and motivate others by writing, coaching & speaking engagements targeting success in entrepreneurial careers of others. — Contact 702-439-4766

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