Chiropractor Salary – How Much Does Chiropractors Make?


Chiropractor Salary – Average Chiropractor Income – The average Salaries for Chiropractors. Though the traditional physicians earn much more than the chiropractors, however they are able to make a decent living from their skills. Having said this, the newly entrants have lower salaries, especially in the case of chiropractors who begin practicing on their own, and by the time they increase their clientele and their salaries can grow significantly.


Average Chiropractor Hourly Wage in the United States

Chiropractors earn a median hourly wage of $30.98. Hourly wages typically start from $15.05 and go up to $67.59.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics

Average Chiropractor Yearly Salary in the United States

Chiropractors earn a median salary of $64,440 per year. Salaries typically start from $31,310 and go up to $140,580.

Beginning Salary

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Developing a client base is necessary for an independent chiropractor mainly because in the beginning of their career they have limited earnings. The Chiropractors having less than one year of experience can expect to earn wages between $38,068 and $59,665 a year as of December 2010 according to PayScale. After having one to four years of experience, a chiropractor can expect a yearly average salary within the range of $39,748 to $61,631.

Qualification and Training

The chiropractors must be committed towards education in order to get the qualification which is required for this position. A four year college program is a bachelor’s degree in chiropractics and it covers anatomy, physiology and other biology. In addition to these, manipulating the spine and other hard issues is also being taught. A license is required for all the chiropractors in all the states before they can start their practice.

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Starting Wages

Some of the chiropractors work as a part time or on hourly basis. That is why in these positions the entry-level wages can vary significantly. The salary for the chiropractors having one to four years experience can fall in the range of $15 to $39.04 as of December 2010 according to the data given by the PayScale. The data regarding the wages of chiropractors having less than one year of experience is not available.

Established Chiropractor Salary

After becoming an established chiropractor, he might earn a lot more than he used to in the early part of his career. The chiropractors who are practicing earn a salary of $129,084 per annum as of December 2010 as per the Up to a half of all self employed practitioners’ salaries may fall in the range of $109,688 to $177,945. The salaried chiropractors however do not earn as much as their enterprising counterparts as their salaries fall in the range of $66,490 as of May 2008 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

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