How To View Deleted Whatsapp Messages, Images & Videos

How To View Deleted Whatsapp Messages Images Videos
How To View Deleted Whatsapp Messages Images Videos

How To View Deleted Whatsapp Messages, Images & Videos. One of such features is the newly-introduced ‘delete for everyone’ which enables message senders to delete messages from both ends; that is from both the sender and the recipient.

How To View Deleted Whatsapp Messages, Images & Videos

This feature has made it possible for people to share secret information with others and still delete afterwards.

Others also take advantage of this to abuse some people verbally on WhatsApp.

For these reasons, the need to have control over deleted messages and restore or view them has become a general concern among users of the Whatsapp application.

In this article, we shall discuss how to view deleted whatsapp messages.

Using Notification Log To View Deleted Whatsapp Messages On Android

In order for you to use this method in viewing deleted WhatsApp messages, you need to ensure that the following conditions are met:

You have an Android Phone with at least Android version 4.40.

  1. Your phone is connected to the internet
  2. You have not cleared your phone memory or cache with any antivirus or phone cleanup app in the last few hours.

Once you are sure that you’ve satisfied these conditions, your next move is for you to follow the steps below to see deleted messages:

  1. Go to your PlayStore and download ‘Notification History‘ app for your device.
  2. Open the app and allow the app to access notifications on various apps including Whatsapp. Also, accept the app to have administrator access to your apps.
  3. From the time of installation, the app records your notifications as they come.
  4. Open the application after a Whatsapp message has been deleted by the sender.
  5. Click on WhatsApp from the list to see all Whatsapp Notifications.
  6. You’ll see all messages you’ve received on WhatsApp over the past few hours.
  7. You can then copy it to your clipboard or screenshot it and save.
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Be informed that the app only stores notifications for about four hours and so any data that goes beyond that cannot be retrieved.

Also, you can only retrieve messages that came with notifications. Thus, messages sent to an already open chat cannot be retrieved using this method since these messages do not usually come with notifications.

Finally, you can only see up to 100 characters per notification. This is the limit of text the app can show. Which also means that images and videos cannot be retrieved or viewed using this medium.


It can be very painful when an important message or derogatory message sent by someone is deleted by the sender even before you could take a screenshot of it.

If you have not been in this situation before, you may not really understand how painful it could be.

However, everyone who has suffered this fate, knows how unpleasant it could be, especially knowing that there is nothing else you can do to get that message back.


Fortunately, I hope this article was able to save the day for you. You may also wonder if this works on iPhones as well. Unfortunately, this app does not exist on the apple store and so it is indeed not possible for IOS users to use this method to retrieve deleted Whatsapp messages.

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