Digital Marketing in Ghana; Growth, and Companies

Digital Marketing in Ghana; Growth, and Companies
Digital Marketing in Ghana; Growth, and Companies

Digital Marketing in Ghana; Growth, and Companies. When it comes to the topic of digital marketing in Ghana, there is a lot that Ghanaians need to learn. Considering that there are no digital marketing courses in our schools, the digital market is open to anyone who is ready to win.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing/ advertising/promotion of brands and products through digital means or using the internet. It is sometimes known as internet marketing.

It is directly opposite to traditional marketing, which includes television ads, radio, or newspapers. On the hand, internet marketing is into different forms such as Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Blogging, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Your Choice of Digital Marketing Method in Ghana

All these above methods are good at helping you promote your brand online be it on search engines, social media, or other websites and blogs.

Among the methods that have been listed, Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) has the highest ROI (Return on Investment), as well as the cheapest.

PPC seems to be on the same level with SEO. The only difference is you do not pay for Search Engine Optimisation, making it less cost-effective.

In Ghana, most people and companies opt for Social Media Marketing. Yea, they think that is where the numbers are. But, when it comes to internet marketing, a high conversion rate is very important.

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That is why as a digital marketer, I choose search engine over social media. In my article on 9 profitable business ideas in Ghana, I explained how search engine optimization has a higher conversion rate compared to other media.

One most important advantage of television ads is brand awareness, which is also very good. Combining it search marketing is a load of wealth.

The emphasis now is on Ghana. What is the internet penetration in Ghana?

Internet Penetration in Ghana

According to Internet World Stats, the picture above shows the internet statistics of Ghana as at June 2017.

Ghana has a 34.7% of its population using the internet currently (2017), compared to 14.1% in 2011 (stats from the World Bank).

Is there Competition in The Digital Sphere?

I presented the above data because I want you to know how far Ghana has come in terms of internet marketing. Though the growth rate is not that fast, companies that will start to make good use of the internet today are going to cash in in the near future.

There is a higher competition in the developed countries like the United States of America that have as high as 87.9% penetration, with a population of over 300 million.

Are There Digital Marketing Companies / Agencies in Ghana

Because most people and companies have not understood and appreciate the benefits of digital marketing in Ghana, there has not been an influx of such companies.

In fact, from the recent Ghana Club 100 Companies awards, I did not come across any of the companies that were into digital marketing.

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Below are a few of the companies that “claim” they do digital marketing in Ghana:

  1. CliqAfrica
  2. Origin8
  3. Aquity Media
  4. Outstanding Promotion

Digital Marketing Courses in Ghana

Just as there are not much digital marketing jobs in the country, there are not many courses that focus exclusively on digital marketing in Ghana. But with a Degree in Information Technology (IT) and its related fields, one can go into digital marketing.

Most times, people take online courses from websites such as Udemy, Coursera, Udacity,, and the likes.

I always recommend these websites for Digital Marketing training in Ghana. It has a lot of advantages which includes; learning at your own convenient time; and having more practical studies online.

Most of such online tutors have more experience in what they are teaching you. Unlike the physical school lecturers who have little to no experience online (that is my opinion).

Also regarding digital marketing training in Ghana, you could contact those in Ghana who have experience working online to guide you for a fee.


The role of any digital marketing strategy is to increase sales and to make money online or offline.

Our mission on is to make all our articles rank well on Google and other search engines. When they do, we can take advantage of that to market any business at all in Ghana.

Now, that is Search Engine Marketing. It can also be classified under Content Marketing: Producing content to increase brand awareness and traffic.

We write promoted contents too. Provided we write an article on the List of 10 Best Hotels in Accra. Then it is ranked 1st on Google, and other major search engines, we can use that to promote your hotel business to individuals or people who are searching for that particular term.

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This would continue to bring in more customers month after month. We have tools for monitoring website uptimes, getting the number of people who search on Google for a particular keyword or phrase in a month, and lots more.

All these tools help to get our analytics right. Getting our analytics right means we would be able to produce more content that people are searching for than the opposite.

Always remember that “Information is Power. Thank you for reading. Leave us a comment, or share.

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Written by Aba Forson

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