Days of Our Lives Full Story
Days of Our Lives Full Story

Days of Our Lives Teasers February 2018 – Upcoming SABC3 drama series ‘Days of Our Lives’ teasers , previews, updates, episodes, highlights and spoilers for February 2018.

Coming up on Days of Our Lives this February 2018:

Thursday 1 February 2018
Episode 12474

Marlena calls Will in Hollywood and lectures him about not making time for Gabi and Sonny. Will gets defensive but promises to send Gabi some photos and videos of Arianna.

Looking for Abigail, Melanie walks in on a naked Ben, who is just out of the shower. Ben rushes to put his clothes back on when Abigail returns, and the two women have a happy reunion.

Theresa continues to pursue Paul with Anne’s help. Jordan tells Chad she is over Rafe, and it’s clear where her heart now lies as they share a kiss. Stefano calls Chad and reminds his son he can’t afford for Jordan to know he’s using her.

Adrienne is thrown when she sees a familiar face in town.
Friday 2 February 2018
Episode 12475

Melanie and Brady have a warm reunion. She invites him back to her place, where she is also reunited with Victor. Brady cuts his grandfather off before he can go on a rant about Theresa and privately warns him to stop badmouthing his ex.

At Clyde’s hotel room, Jordan and Clyde have an ugly argument as Kate listens in from the bathroom. Jordan demands her stepfather leave town but he refuses. After Jordan leaves, Kate and Clyde discuss his future plans.

Paul continues to charm and impress Abigail. Later, Abigail urges Ben not to get riled up by Chad – nothing will come between them.

Monday 5 February 2018
Episode 12476

Melanie literally runs into Theresa, and things start out scratchy but the two women soon bond. However, they don’t catch each other’s names before Melanie leaves. Meanwhile, Daniel receives a call from Kelly, who asks if Melanie is there. Daniel, twigging to her odd behavior, hangs up without giving away any information.

Eve grills Paige about JJ, and Paige convinces her mom she’s giving him space. Meanwhile, Jennifer tells JJ she wants him to see a professional to deal with his issues regarding his dad. JJ agrees, then meets Paige in secret. He tells her he wants to keep seeing her – but it must remain a secret.

Earlier, Brady asks Eric to look out for Theresa. Later, Brady runs into Theresa, and she is stung to learn Brady is meeting with an “old friend” – a female one (Melanie).

Tuesday 6 February 2018
Episode 12477

Jennifer runs into Paige and voices her hope that she and JJ can work things out. Meanwhile, JJ encounters Eve and fears she may be on to the fact that he’s still secretly seeing Paige. Eve meets up with Theresa and asks her sister to help with a lie about Shane’s health.

Jordan drops a bomb on Rafe – Kate is the one who brought Clyde to Salem. Rafe goes off and confronts Kate.

Ben and Abigail “workout” together, and when Ben later sees Chad talking with Abigail at the hospital, he doesn’t let it push his buttons.

As Hope and Aiden work a food bank table in the square, Hope learns Aiden grew up poor. A strange old woman recognizes Aiden and claims she knows that he did a bad, bad thing.

Wednesday 7 February 2018
Episode 12478

Daniel questions Melanie’s anxious state but she covers. Later, Melanie jumps when there’s a knock at the door but she’s relieved it’s just Serena Mason, her friend from Europe. They have a brief reunion, then Serena goes to the hospital, where she recognizes Marlena from a distance.

Hope is thrown to learn that Aiden married into all his wealth and is even more thrown when Chase admits his father made him promise never to discuss it. At the same time, Aiden has a disturbing encounter with a homeless woman, who insists she knows the “terrible thing” he did.

Hope and Aiden steal some alone time to make love, and afterwards she opens up about what she’d heard. Elsewhere, Stefano is shown pictures of Kate and Clyde in a close moment. He calls her and manages to rattle her cage a little.

Thursday 8 February 2018
Episode 12479

Melanie is followed to the park by the mystery woman and her associate, and it looks like they intend to harm her. Brady shows up and rushes to protect her as Nicole calls Daniel to warn him what’s happening.

It is revealed that the mystery woman works for a Monte Carlo casino… and Melanie is wanted for being a card counter who walked off with $70,000. Melanie is about to be arrested but Nicole comes to the rescue as she blackmails the casino people.

Eric informs Marlena that Sami’s “people” have contacted him about doing a television show about what Kristen did to him. He, of course, wants no part of it, and he opens up about how he feels stuck by what Nicole did to him, unable to really move on.

Jordan and Chad kiss in the park… and she suggests they take this somewhere more private. Her meaning is clear but she then gets a reminder she’s supposed to be working with Paul.

Sonny confides in Adrienne about his past. Later, he hits a roadblock in trying to open the second location for Club TBD.

Friday 9 February 2018
Episode 12480

Eric is surprised when he is reunited with his former girlfriend, Serena. They met while living in Africa. Serena informs Eric she’s here to write an article using research at University Hospital. However, the main reason she chose to come to Salem is Eric.

While speaking with Abe, it’s clear Nicole still has remorse over everything that’s happened with Eric. Later, Brady supports Nicole when she mentions there might be something more than friendship between her and Daniel.

Melanie assures Daniel, Maggie and Brady that she didn’t come home only because she was in trouble – she’s happy to be with her loved ones again. At the hospital, Melanie reunites with Maxine and then has another friendly encounter with Theresa. They consider going out for drinks – until each realizes who the other is.

Marlena talks to Paul once more about therapy, and he strings her along before letting her know in no uncertain terms he’s not interested.

Monday 12 February 2018
Episode 12481

Eric and Serena revisit their romantic history, acknowledging they were once deeply in love in Africa. When Eric decided to join the priesthood, they parted ways. Serena hopes they’ll be able to spend time together now that she’ll be working in Salem.

Melanie and Theresa get into a major catfight. When Melanie tells Daniel she met Theresa, he warns her to steer clear. Meanwhile, Theresa meets up with Anne and rants about what a nightmare Melanie turned out to be. Anne hints they can get back at her by preventing her from getting her old job back.

Daniel is honest with Jennifer about his growing feelings for Nicole. Ben and Abigail share a hot, private moment in the hospital conference room when Jordan interrupts. Jordan admits things are a bit rocky between her and Chad and reiterates things are definitely over with Rafe. Later, Rafe drops by to talk to Jordan.

Tuesday 13 February 2018
Episode 12482

Sonny is surprised when Will and Arianna return home. Will claims they are back to stay because they missed Sonny so much. However, in private, Will makes a secret (one-way) call to Sami, and it’s revealed he was let go from the screenplay job. Meanwhile, Sonny admits to Adrienne plans for the new club are not going well at all even though he put a good face on it for Will.

Zoe tells Paul she wants an exclusive on the story of his surgery for Sonix. Chad and Jordan make love for the first time.

Abigail brings Ben a small Christmas tree, which they decorate together.

Wednesday 14 February 2018
Episode 12483

Rafe arrives at the DiMera mansion looking for Chad, but Kate gleefully informs him that Chad didn’t come home last night. She makes it clear he was probably with Jordan.

Chad and Jordan wake up together and make love. Later, she runs into Rafe and asks him to stop his investigation. Rafe thinks this is about Chad – but Jordan was talking about Clyde. She’s incensed to realize he’s also going after Chad now.

Aiden reminds Chase not to speak about his mother, stating what they shared together as a family is private and their business – no one else’s. Meanwhile, Kayla admits to Hope that her friend, Lisa Tjaden, has encouraged her to sign up for a dating web site, and Hope urges her to go for it.

Aiden and Hope share a kiss, which is witnessed by Kayla and Lisa. Lisa makes a mysterious phone call. Later, Hope receives a call from Lisa’s sister, Bree, who warns her to stay away from Aiden!

Thursday 15 February 2018
Episode 12484

Hope is stunned when Bree warns her that dating Aiden is a huge mistake – he’s a monster and Bree doesn’t want to see Hope end up like her friend, Meredith. Hope pulls Aiden into a passionate kiss.

Serena catches up with Kayla and Marlena, and also stands her ground with Anne at the hospital. She briefly meets Jennifer, then gets down to business with Eric. They go back to his place to pick up their conversation in private. Serena then asks him out on a date.

Friday 16 February 2018
Episode 12485

Hope kisses Aiden to keep him from walking out – and they make love. Afterwards, she gets emotional and tells him she understands why he’s so sensitive about talking about his past, because she’s the same way when it comes to Bo.

Daniel and Nicole nearly share a kiss but pull back, both aware of their decision to keep things friends-only – at least for now.

Melanie gets blindsided when Anne denies her a job at the hospital. Theresa watches with delight until Brady arrives and sets Anne straight. He then takes out his anger on Theresa, warning her they can co-exist peacefully but not if she chooses to go after people he cares about.

Melanie returns and overhears just enough about Theresa’s pregnancy scare to accuse her of trying to entrap Brady.

Victor threatens to expose Clyde but Clyde reveals he has dirt on Victor that he would not hesitate to use.

Monday 19 February 2018
Episode 12486

Sonny is a little miffed at the lack of time he’s been able to spend with Will. He covers his surprise with Lucas and Adrienne when Lucas inadvertently reveals the real reason Will came home was because his screenplay was rejected.

Melanie confronts Theresa after learning of her pregnancy scare with Brady, and they wind up in another fight. Brady walks in and separates them. He gets Melanie alone and warns her to steer clear of Theresa.

Before Nicole can approach Eric and Serena, Marlena steers her away. Marlena advises Nicole it’s best for her to move on, for Eric’s sake as well as her own. Meanwhile, Eric tells Serena why he doesn’t feel he can return to the priesthood – because he can’t forgive Nicole for what she did.

Tuesday 20 February 2018
Episode 12487

In Los Angeles, Eve and Kimberly learn Shane’s condition is not serious. However, Eve “persuades” Shane’s doctor to take up her cause and lie to Paige so they will have a reason to stay in town. Back in Salem, JJ shares his concern with Rory that Eve somehow figured out he was still dating Paige.

Rafe turns up the heat on Chad but Stefano manages to help his son from afar. Meanwhile, Kate accuses Jordan of sleeping with Chad for his money. Later, Chad assures Jordan that Rafe is not a threat.

Victor threatens to expose Clyde but Clyde reveals he has dirt on Victor that he would not hesitate to use. Later, Rafe checks in with Victor about Clyde, and they recommit to bringing their common enemy down.

Eric shares what happened with Serena, while Nicole pledges to Daniel that he is not her rebound from Eric – and she pulls him into a hot kiss.

Wednesday 21 February 2018
Episode 12488

As Eve sells Paige on the lie that her grandfather is a lot sicker than he is, JJ almost opens up to Rory about sleeping with Eve. However, JJ is interrupted when Abigail brings home Melanie.

Eric fills Serena in on Nicole’s snooping as Nicole asks Daniel out on a date. Daniel regretfully declines, telling Nicole about his dinner plans with Eric and Serena. They agree to postpone taking this next step until after the holidays.

Sonny and Will are still at odds over Will’s lie about why he came back home. Meanwhile, Paul is cornered by Theresa, and he lets her down easy. Theresa takes it in his stride, identifying with him as he shares that he’s still carrying a torch for an old flame. Paul then meets with Will for another interview – and Will wants to ask him questions about his love life.

Thursday 22 February 2018
Episode 12489

Rafe makes a holiday visit to Gabi in prison and is furious to learn Will hasn’t yet brought Arianna to see her mother.

Abigail informs Jordan they got the funding for their project but she doesn’t tell her the anonymous donor is Clyde. Ben continues to worry about keeping the secret, while Jordan mistakenly believes Chad must be the benefactor. At the same time, Chad gloats to Rafe about bedding Jordan.

Serena tries to get info on Nicole from Melanie but they’re interrupted by Eric and Daniel. Daniel leaves to pick up dinner, and Eric learns how the two women met in Europe.

Earlier, Nicole’s plan to snoop in Serena’s hotel room is almost discovered as she unexpectedly runs into Jennifer outside in the corridor. Nicole covers, and Jennifer takes the opportunity to bury the hatchet, telling Nicole she has no intention of carrying any anger or resentment into the New Year.

Later, Nicole manages to sneak inside Serena’s room and takes photos of some old email exchanges between Serena and Eric. She’s about to leave when Melanie suddenly shows up and catches her in the room!

Friday 23 February 2018
Episode 12490

JJ takes his suspicions to Kayla – he thinks Eve is lying to Paige about Shane’s condition. Kayla calls Kimberly, who confirms Shane is just fine. A furious JJ then heads over to confront Eve, who is about to leave town for good. They end up ripping at each other’s clothes, on their way to having sex once again.

Meanwhile, Kimberly tells a stunned Paige that Shane is going to be fine. Paige can’t believe her mother lied to her… though she begins to suspect why.

Melanie catches Nicole in Serena’s hotel room and nearly tells Daniel when he calls. But instead, she gives Nicole a chance to explain. Nicole covers as best she can, and Melanie ultimately decides to stay quiet.

Meanwhile, Melanie returns home, and Daniel questions her about the mysterious package she went to retrieve from Serena’s. Much to Daniel’s relief, Melanie reveals it’s just a Christmas gift for him. Melanie later warns her father about getting further involved with Nicole.

Monday 26 February 2018
Episode 12491

Eve and JJ have angry sex, and both feel terrible about it afterwards. JJ realizes it’s truly over for him and Paige. He agrees he’ll send her a breakup text and end things. His heart is breaking when he goes home and throws away his gift for Paige.

Will continues his interview with Paul. Will is still in Paul’s hotel room when Sonny calls Paul to apologize for accusing him of playing games. Not knowing it was his husband on the line, Will then asks Paul if everything is okay.

Maggie and Jennifer argue Aiden’s case with Julie. Meanwhile, Hope is upset about Doug’s negative reaction to Aiden. Ciara works her magic on her grandpa, who realizes he’s been too harsh and agrees to talk to Aiden.

Tuesday 27 February 2018
Episode 12492

Paige returns to Salem and lets Eve know nothing will stop her from being with JJ. Paige then surprises Eve with forgiveness, and they share a warm Christmas Eve together.

The Horton family gathers for Christmas Eve. Doug and Julie pester uncomfortable JJ with questions about Paige. Jennifer encourages JJ to give Paige a call. Ben shows up and shares a kiss with Abigail. Meanwhile, Doug keeps his word and tries to get along with Aiden. Hope, Aiden, Chase and Ciara have a warm moment.

Victor and Maggie exchange presents, then Daniel, Brady and Justin give Victor a special gift.

Wednesday 28 February 2018
Episode 12493

It’s Christmas Day in Salem. Doug, Julie, Aiden, Hope, Chase, Ciara, Jennifer, Abigail, Maggie, Victor, Will and Sonny gather to decorate the tree with the Horton ornaments. Sonny is touched when he gets his own ornament.

Hope is upset when Kayla warns she shouldn’t be dating Aiden. Kayla is concerned about the rumors she’s hearing from Bree’s sister, but Hope wonders if her upset is actually about Hope moving on from Bo.

Premiere episodes of Days of Our Lives air on Mondays to Fridays at 18h00. It also airs on eExtra, from Mondays to Fridays at 14h30. Episodes air a day later on eExtra.

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