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How to Activate AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer For 6 Months Unlimited Talk-time

How to Activate AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer For 6 Months
How to Activate AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer For 6 Months

During this COVID-19 where people are being laid off work and struggling to make ends meet, AirtelTigo has introduced a new package that is going to help their loyal customers to make free unlimited calls every morning for the next 6 months.


How to Activate AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer For 6 Months Unlimited Talk-time

What is Free AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer?

The AirtelTigo free morning offer is a relief package that AirtelTigo is introducing to help their customers in this coronavirus pandemic. In this offer, customers will be allowed to make free calls every morning for the next six months.

How Does It Work?

Every morning for the next 6 months, all subscribers will be given free unlimited on-net calls for a limited period of time (5 am to 10 am). The subscribers will also receive free 100 MB worth of data every morning to browse the internet. In addition to all these packages, subscribers will also be granted six months of free Mobile Money (AirtelTigo) transfer to all other AirtelTigo Money (ATM) subscribers.

The free morning offer is available for only AirtelTigo to Airtel Tigo calls during the allocated time between the hours of 5 am and 10 am. Calls that will be placed before or after this period will be charged at the normal call rate.

For new customers who activate their sim however, there will be one-month free morning offer.

In addition to that, a newly registered customer who fails to make the AirtelTigo Money (ATM) transactions within the first 30 days of being on the network, they will not be eligible to enjoy the Free Morning Offer anytime after that.

In case they want to join, they need to purchase it for an amount of GH¢ 2.

How to Activate AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer For 6 Months Unlimited Talk-time

This offer is available to existing customers and new people who want to switch from their current mobile service provider to AirtelTigo. This method used by AirtelTigo is not only aimed at helping customers but also bring more customers on board as well.

New AirtelTigo Customers

To qualify for this offer as a new customer,

  • You first of all need to visit an agent or AirtelTigo office with a valid National ID (Ghana card, Voters’ ID, Drivers’ License or Passport) to buy a new AirtelTigo sim card.
  • After buying the sim card, you are required to ask the provider to register you on the AirtelTigo Money (ATM) service.
  • Upon completion, you are required to start making transactions on your AirtelTigo Money account. This will verify that you are indeed enrolled on the platform as a customer but not as an “opportunist” who wants to benefit from the package and after that leave the network.

The transactions you make should include the following:

  • Airtime Purchase
  • Peer-to-peer transaction
  • Interoperability money transfer
  • Buy bundle/package
  • Cash-out
  • Merchant payment

Once you have made enough transactions to show that you are indeed here to stay in the one month period, you will automatically qualify for the package. Once you qualify, an SMS will be sent to your phone indicating that you have qualified for the free morning offer.

Existing AirtelTigo Customers

With existing customers, there’s no need for you to show whether you’re here to stay or not. But before you can subscribe to the free morning offer, you need to be a subscribed AirtelTigo Money customer.

Once you are a subscriber of AirtelTigo Money, you can activate the offer by:

  • Dialling the short code *110# i.e. the AirtelTigo Money shortcode
  • After that, you need to select option 2 and then purchase the package for GH¢ 2 using your AirtelTigo Money wallet.

Eligibility for the AirtelTigo Free Morning Offer

There are no eligibility criteria, but only all prepaid subscribers of AirtelTigo can enjoy this package. Meaning, customers using postpaid and broadband cannot benefit from this amazing package.

However, a subscriber must make the first call within the hours of validity (5 am to 10 am) once for a limited time period to trigger this offer.


The introduction of this offer is going to help customers especially those who make calls every morning to their friends and loved ones.

If you are also not a call person like myself, you can use the SMS and free data package as well to do what you want to do with it during the validity hours of 5 and 10 am.

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