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How to become a real estate agent

How to become a real estate agent
How to become a real estate agent

How to become a real estate agent. Making the decision to become a real estate agent is a big career move for anyone and it is something that individuals from various backgrounds come into, for many different reasons. However, to become a real estate agent does require a certain level of intelligence as there is the requirement to take and pass an examination – doing as many real estate prep exams as possible can make passing it that bit easier.


How to become a real estate agent

Requirements to become a real estate agent

In order to be eligible to become a real estate agent, you need to be at least 18 years of age (19 in some states), be a legal resident of the United States of America, have completed the pre-license education, and have passed the real estate exam. Although these are the high-level requirements, there are many decisions that come into play in whether or not you are successful in becoming a real estate agent.

The steps involved

Although the exact specifics vary from state to state the order of the steps pretty much always remain the same and consist of the following:

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1. Develop an understanding of the licensing requirements

With each state in the country being so very different and having their own set of requirements, it is important to do some localized research in order to broaden your knowledge of these areas.

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 2. Join a pre-licensing course

There are a number of different options available when it comes to completing the required pre-licensing education. One of the easiest and most flexible ways is by doing distance learning at home via online classes. When deciding on a course provider, make sure that you choose one that has a good reputation of delivering high-quality education, so that when it comes to taking the real estate exam, you are in a good position to pass it at the very first time of asking.

3. Take the real estate exam

When you feel like you are ready and know all of your stuff it is then time to book the real estate exam. Booking in for the exam does require the completion of some paperwork so make sure all of this is completed accurately so that your new career is not held up.

In order to pass the exam, it does require lots of preparation, including doing practice exams. Doing these will help to provide an insight into the process and make you feel more positive going into the exam, ensuring that you pass it at the very first time of asking and without the need to re-sit it.

 4. Locate a real estate broker

Even after passing the real estate exam, it does not mean that you now have a license and can begin working as a real estate agent. You first need to find a broker and complete all of the necessary paperwork in order to be issued with a license. Then and only then are you free to begin working in your new role as a real estate agent.

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