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How to Write a Decent College Admission Essay: Useful Tips

How to Write a Decent College Admission Essay

How to Write a Decent College Admission Essay: Useful Tips How to write an admission essay to be accepted into college? Essay structure, tips, and tricks. Things to pay attention to and things to avoid.


How to Write a Decent College Admission Essay

How to Write a Decent College Admission Essay   So, you are applying for a college. One of the application parts is an admission essay. How to write it to be accepted? How to stand out in the crowd and show that you are worth studying in this college?   If you have checked some admission essay services providers, you have noticed that it is not as simple as it can seem. You need not just an essay; you need an essay that will make the admission committee make a positive decision in your favor. You need something that will impress those people even if they have never seen you.

Before Starting, Check the College Requirements

To start writing, you need to know some information about the college which you are going to write this paper for:

  • Check the college website. Most of the educational institutions have a website now. If your college doesn’t have one, it should be a serious concern for you. What can they teach you if they are so old-fashioned?
  • Check if you understand the requirements for the college admission. Make sure you comply with all of them.
  • Based on the information that you have received, write down the ideas which you want to discuss in your essay. Show your motivation. Mention your experience that can be helpful.
  • Start writing.
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 Make a Well-Structured Plan

You have already written down the main points that you will mention. Now, it is time to organize and expand them. Think of how you will write an introduction. Is there anything that will catch the attention of the admission committee? Does it reflect all that you want to tell in the main part? Is it clear and short enough?   Check the ideas for the main part. Write them down, along with all the thoughts that come to your mind in connection with the ideas. Finally, think about the conclusion. Does it summarize the content of your essay? Is it clear enough so that your reader can understand everything without reading the main part?

Just Write It

Expand all the notes that you have taken. Add proper transitions from one paragraph to another. Organize your writing properly: it should be clear, easy-to-read and as engaging as possible. Make sure you explained your motivation for going to study in that particular college. It is better when your motivation sounds personal but with a global meaning.   For example, if you decided to go to a medical college, you can describe a case from your life that brought you to this decision, maybe a childhood experience, and explain, that you want to help people in your city, country, that you want to do voluntary work in developing countries, etc. Make it personal, touching, and make it global. The admission committee should feel happy that they have a chance to get such a student into their college.

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Don’t Do This

You want to sound persuasive and knowledgeable, but not intrusive. You should understand that you may have good ideas, but if you use an inappropriate tone, your essay will not pass. The manner of writing, politeness, respect, and knowledge are the things that are valued by any admission committee. So, if you want your essay to make a good impression, avoid these things:

  • Don’t try to show that you know everything. Being mistaken is human. It is impossible to know it all, and nobody requires you to do so. Show them that you are willing to study and to get to know new things because these characteristics will be valued.
  • ClichĂ©s and pre-made templates never make a good impression. You are writing your paper about yourself, and there is no need for anything pre-made. Just make it well organized and properly written.
  • Mentioning irrelevant facts is simply impolite, as you are wasting the time of your reader. If you love some event from your life, but it has no relation to the topic, better describe it somewhere else, but not in your admission essay.


Proofread Your Admission Essay

Proofreading is an important stage of any writing work. You can ignore it only if you are a famous writer. Otherwise, take a break after writing, change the activity for a while, and then, proofread your essay.


There are plenty of details to consider in your admission essay. You should remember that you are the one who is interested in it the most. Nobody can do it better than you, so just do and submit it.

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