How to increase conversion on ecommerce and online stores

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If you are the owner of an online store or ecommerce you’ll like to know How to increase conversion on your ecommerce or online stores and you need to have a system that not only sells, one of the features you need to have in it is a section to track your visitors abandon carts and let you know a summary of what carts are left without checking out on your site.

Many things come after this, you can analyze the products that for some reason are not converting even though they are being added to the shopping cart. You can also analyze different aspects of your visitors habits and products in general and the most important feature; you will be able to get in contact with these visitors that just abandoned their carts.


Lets talk about this last point

Based on ecommerce development and online marketing reports about 7 out of ten shoppers leave their shopping carts before checking out. Taking that in consideration you may be loosing 70% of your sales just in this step. If you don’t have a system that allow you to see and check what’s going on here you can consider these customers definitely lost.

What to do then?

You need to reach back to them as soon as possible. Generally we recommend to reach those customers with a nice and polite email reminding them about some items remaining in their carts and provide them with a link to get back to it. No coupons, no discounts and no codes in this first contact, just something like “Hey, we noticed you walked away from your cart. Here’s a link to get back.”

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If you get an answer, that means that the customer is interested and your next email will be talking about about their first response and offering solutions to their statements. Maybe they just didn’t understand how to proceed or maybe they just got distracted. All this information can be used to your advantage, to bring this customer back to your ecommerce site and finish the sale.

In case there is no answer or you don’t really have a clear solution to what the customer’s response was about, its a good idea to include in that second email a coupon code or discount so they can take advantage of it and complete their purchase. Remember to always include a link to their abandoned cart so it’s easier for them to get back to the products they had already added to shopping cart.

What to do after?

After the customer complete their purchase they become a lead that keeps your company always in their minds. You also need that placed order information moved into a mailing listing program so you can keep sending them coupons, offers and campaigns as you get new products. These people are already your customers and you should be able to make more conversions about of then without any issues.

In case you need an ecommerce website with abandoned cart feature and functionalities we are here to help. Any of our ecommerce or online store packages includes this feature by default and you should take full advantage out of it.

This is going to be a longer topic divided in many ports and I’ll try to bring to your all the little things that will help you to¬†increase conversion on ecommerce and online stores. Keep tuned for more coming soon.

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Written by Aba Forson

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