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Incredibly Easy Jobs That Pay Big Money – Most people who have to spend every day of the week in an office from sunrise to sundown hate their jobs, because more often than not these jobs are tedious, monotonous, boring, and the pay is terrible. However, it is better to have the above jobs if the alternative is living without an income and having no way of paying your bills.

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As human beings, we’re never satisfied with what we have because we think the grass is always greener on the other side. We will always envy someone else who seems to be making more money than us, someone whose job is less restrictive than ours, and someone who seems to love what he or she is doing.

One way of loving our jobs is to change our attitude towards them and realize just how valuable the jobs are to us. The other way you can love your job is to actually quit your current job and start doing what you love. The most productive people in society today are those that do what they love because, whether or not they make money from it, their jobs make them happy and that’s what really matters.

Below are 20 incredibly easy jobs out there that pay big money; jobs that most people fear, despise, or never thought could make anyone any money. Almost all these jobs have very flexible hours and they are all very easy to do, although they require some qualifications. If you hate your job and do not earn these figures listed below, it might be time for you to think about what changes you need to make in your career.

20. Food Stylist – $45,000

To the rest of the world, a food stylist’s profession might not even qualify to be in the same category as other jobs, because a job is supposed to be tedious, draining, boring, and not have enough pay. Although food stylists will beg to differ with the above statement because the profession does have its challenges, but it is hard to imagine what would be hard in preparing food for a photo.

The amazing pictures of the mouth-watering food you see in the magazines, on TV, and on billboards is the professional work of a food stylist. However, the best bit about this whole story is that a food stylist gets to go home with an annual salary of $45,000. I wouldn’t mind becoming a food stylist, would you?

19. Sewer Inspector – $47,000

Would you like to be a sewer inspector? The reason you are probably saying “no” is because you think you will be spending the entire day of every single day in the sewers right? Well, not exactly. The work of a sewer inspector just needs you to have a strong stomach, because all it basically involves is operating and maintaining equipment that can take videos and pictures inside the sewers.

Hardly ever will you come into contact with the filth down there, or end up smelling like the sewer itself. Now can you imagine receiving $47,000 for sitting in a comfortable chair taking photos and videos of filth? So, considering the above, who would like to be a sewer inspector?

18. Respiratory Therapist – $56,000

The work of a respiratory therapist is very important because they care for patients with difficulty in breathing. These professionals take care of patients suffering from chronic diseases such as emphysema and asthma, elderly patients with lung diseases, infants whose lungs have not developed properly, and emergency care patients who have suffered a heart attack, shock, or drowning.

As already noted, the job of a respiratory therapist might be one of the most important jobs in the world since such professionals save people’s lives, but it sure sounds easy. Furthermore, how great would it be to save lives without having to deal with operations or blood anywhere, and still make a tidy $56,000?

17. Photographer – $60,000

Photography is without a doubt one of the easiest jobs out there because all someone needs is to focus on an object with a camera and click on it. Ok, professional photographers have great skills and truly know how to capture unforgettable moments, but that does not change the fact that basis of photography is pointing and shooting. Editing the photos might require skills, and the whole business aspect of photography is a lot to handle, but even that does not change the fact that photography is too easy.

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Thanks to the smartphones in our pockets, almost everyone is a photographer these days, but most people hardly ever take photography seriously. A professional photographer can easily earn two to three times the average pay of $60,000 per year that average photographers make.

16. Freelance Writers/Bloggers – $60,000

Can you imagine never having to get out of bed until when you want to, never having to stick to a company dress code, never having to get stuck in traffic, and having the ability to work from anywhere on the planet without any form of supervision? You might think I’m talking about heaven, but that is just the everyday life of a freelance writer.

Freelance writers just need three things, a computer, an Internet connection, and a brain that works. Although coming across and landing lucrative writing gigs is not easy, receiving anywhere close to $60,000 with the above working conditions is possibly the best thing that could happen to anyone.

15. Voice Over Artist – $40,000 – $80,000

It always seems as if the celebrity musicians and movie stars we have today live like kings and queens, because they have so much wealth and so many people adoring everything about them. The truth is that each of these stars who have “made it” have gone through so much to get to where they are, and staying on top is an even bigger challenge.

However, imagine you can make at least $80,000 by just using your voice in these celebrities’ music, movies, or even commercials. A voice over artist makes so much money using something almost everyone has; a voice.

14. Ice Cream Taster – $60,000

Did you know that there are some people out there whose jobs involve tasting ice cream and that they actually get paid to do that? This is the point where you look back in your life and think of the mistakes you made all along, especially that career move you made a few years back. Imagine making $60,000 in this economy, while all you do is taste ice cream?

Most people would do this job for free (yours truly included), but how great would it be to get a salary for it? Of course, you have to be a qualified food scientist or flavourologist to get such a job, but no job comes close to how awesome ice cream tasting must be.

13. Farmer/Rancher – $68,000

Most people think that farming is a lot of work and that farmers will always be dirty and have terrible pay. There is very little if any truth to the above way of thinking. Farmers, depending on their area of specialization, work very few hours in a day, will hardly get dirty at all, and will make in excess of $68,000 every year.

When a farmer ensures that his or her livestock or plants have enough food and nutrients and are free from diseases, his or her farm’s produce will lead him or her smiling all the way to the bank.

12. Blimp Pilot – $70,000

Did you grow up wanting to be a pilot because of the amazing experience of flight, only to end up in whatever it is you are doing today? As fun as it used to be flying in a blimp, the excitement has not changed. Becoming a blimp pilot is not as demanding as becoming an airplane pilot since all you need is certification from the relevant authorities.

These days blimps are used for advertising, because they are so big and they float slowly through the air while attracting everyone’s attention. A blimp pilot has one of the best jobs in the world, and an experienced pilot goes home with at least $70,000 per annum.

11. Chief Listening Officer – $75,000

If you have been eavesdropping on other people’s conversations so much that you think you can make a career out of it, you probably never will, but you could at least try out the role of a chief listening officer. A chief listening officer is an individual hired by a company to listen on conversations about its products, services, or anything people are saying about it.

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Such an individual keeps track of all social media platforms, and then passes the information, ideas, or complaints to the relevant departments. There is nothing hard about this job – it actually sounds like someone gets paid $75,000 every year to be on Facebook and Twitter; it doesn’t get much cooler than that.

10. Forex Trader – $85,000

A Forex trader is one of those professionals who live like celebrities, only when they are making winning trades consistently. Forex trading is very lucrative, but it can land you in debt. The best thing about Forex trading is that a trader works with a daily income target which he or she can achieve within a few hours and surpass it.

Depending on a trader’s capital, his or her trading strategies, the condition of the market, use of available market information, experience, and healthy Forex trading practices, a Forex trader can easily make a fortune in a single day. Imagine how awesome it would be, making not less than $85,000 a year looking at charts for less than five hours during the day or night, and relaxing during all the other hours.

9. Art Director – $90,000

People who are into the arts are some of the highest paid individuals we have in society today. The masses will always pay to witness or even be a part of wonderful works of art, and great artists cash in on every opportunity they get. Art directors also make a lot of money owing to their skills of enhancing the visual style and appeal of artwork in the form of newspapers, magazines, movies, television productions, theatre productions, and art galleries.

These professionals come up with the overall design in collaboration with the art developers to make the final product more appealing and ready for the market. Although this profession sounds easy, it probably isn’t, but either way an art director goes home with at least $90,000 every year.

8. Business Consultant – $90,000

Not just anyone can become a business consultant, because this field belongs to professionals who have built businesses from the ground up or those who run companies that have a record of success. Business consultants provide expert or professional advice to businesses that need such advice, and their services do not come cheap.

The toughest thing about business consulting is making a name for yourself as, after achieving that title, it becomes smooth sailing from there. Business consultants make at least $90,000 a year giving advice to other businesses, with most of that advice consisting of the things they have gone through and experienced over the course of their business life.

7. Motivational Speaker – $90,000

A motivational speaker is a person who makes speeches that inspire the listeners to feel good about themselves and strive to become better at everything they do. Motivational speaking is not hard, as long as you have the confidence to stand in front of an audience and eloquently articulate a few inspiring points.

Motivational speakers make a lot of money in the easiest possible way, flying to distant places to give a pep talk to employees, students, or entrepreneurs who are willing to part with a lot of money to be told that they are better than they think they are. Making at least $90,000 a year on speaking engagements is a great way to live, isn’t it?

6. Video Game Player – $100,000

Did your parents or teachers ever tell you to stop playing video games because they were a waste of time and that if you didn’t concentrate on your books you would amount to nothing? Your parents and teachers were telling you that with all the right motives and intentions, wanting you to be successful following the path that others had followed. However, do you know that some professional video game players make in excess of $100,000 a year, an amount that most office jobs will never pay?

Furthermore, would you believe me if I told you that some gamers make millions of dollars from just playing games? If you don’t believe me, do a little research and you will find them. Gamers make money primarily through winning competitions, sponsorship deals, and through promotions.

5. Political Scientist – $104,000

As president Barack Obama prepares to leave the White House, the race to become his successor is heating up with every passing day. Every American has an opinion on what the country needs, who is the best person to take this great nation forward, and what is likely to happen in the next few months. The job of a political scientist is to study a system of government, analyse the political activity, interpret political behaviour, and relate the theoretical and practical aspects of political science as a discipline.

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In that case, the work of a political scientist is very easy because the information they deal with is readily available and, as far back as the time government was established, people have always had an opinion on politics, governance and resource distribution. Imagine making $104,000 per annum talking about and analysing politics?

4. Astronomer – $115,000

Astronomy sounds like a very complicated field of science because astronomers talk about things that are so amazing and hard to believe exist within and beyond our galaxy. The work of an astronomer is to study planets, comets, moons, stars, and galaxies through observation, through data analysis, or through theoretical astronomy.

In simple terms, astronomers are the people who look into space through a telescope and tell the rest of us what is happening out there. Astronomy sure sounds simple, because astronomers do not change anything; they just look into space, talk about it, and make a cool $115,000 every year in the process.

3. Race Engineer – $120,000

A race engineer is an individual whose role in a racing team is to get the car to perform at its peak and get the driver to be at his best in every race. This professional uses the data from the analysts and the mechanics to make changes that will improve the overall performance of the car and the driver. For a minute, the work sounds so complicated but an engineer worth his or her salt will find it easy and fun.

Race engineers do not pay to watch races from the stands like you and I; they are paid to show up in the races, interact with the racers and their vehicles, and to help bring home championships. Race engineers earn upwards of $120,000 annually.

2. Chief Information Officer – $124,000

A job title beginning with the word “chief” is often a very prestigious job, which is held by one of the most senior people in an organization. The chief information officer reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) concerning matters relating to computer systems and information technology, and how they affect the company’s goals.

The information that this officer gives to the CEO is that which he or she gets from his or her subordinates. Although one has to have very high qualifications to even be considered for such a post, the thing about this job is that it is very easy to do because other people are doing all the dirty work for them. Chief information officers take home at least $124,000 per annum.

1. Unexploded Ordnance Technician – $150,000

An unexploded ordinance (UXO) technician is someone in one of the most dangerous lines of work. These professionals deal with mitigating the serious threat that comes with unexploded ordnances, and they risk their lives every time they are called to deal with unexploded ordnances in their attempt to save the lives of others.

Apart from the risks associated with this line of profession, the job here is not difficult. Thanks to their knowledge of explosive weapons, how to handle them with care, and how to detonate and diffuse them, these professionals do have an easy time at work and they get a handsome pay of about $150,000 annually.

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