Is Vladimir Putin a good leader?

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Well, I have friends in Russia and Ukraine and Putin isn’t very liked. He is having a war in Ukraine right now and people are dying and friends of my friends have died. In Russia especially outside the capital and further east it’s very very poor and people can’t find jobs and if they do they still often need two jobs. Surviving alone is very difficult, forcing everyone to live in big families and also forcing girls to get married for money.

If you take a look at cam sites a very large number are from Russia and most are young students or girls that need to work to help their family. They can’t find different jobs and cam sites pay more than most jobs even if it’s very little.

The average salary in Russia is around 400-500$ but most that I know earn around 300-400$ and some do this through cam sites. Other jobs can pay 200$ and is far too little.

Putin doesn’t care about his people, only to make him and his friends more rich while his people suffer.

Russia is thriving in criminality, trafficking and drugs are not uncommon and other crimes thrive as well because you can buy yourself out from being arrested and if you have the right friends.

Sadly so many girls especially that end up in bad situations because of all these conditions making them very vulnerable to be taken advantage of. Girls are prone to be tricked into going into other countries where they will find out they are being selled as whores and they can’t do anything.

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Written by Aba Forson

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