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Top 20 Most Valuable Footballers On Current Form In 2022

Most Valuable Footballers On Current Form
Most Valuable Footballers On Current Form

Most Valuable Footballers On Current Form. How often we see rumours flying around papers about a certain footballer moving to another club in and around any transfer window, papers are splashing out imaginary transfer fees on potential player transfer without any substanse. Sometimes of course its the players camp (the agents) who are spreading rumours to either get a new contract for a player at current club or force a move.


Most Valuable Footballers

But today we take a look at top 20 most valuable players in the world on current form and the figures are derived from the publication called ‚Äúfootball-observatory‚ÄĚ which has gathered the transfer data from last 5 years and based on those numbers they came up with value of current stars of football.

Most Valuable Footballers

Most Valuable Footballers On Current Form
Most Valuable Footballers On Current Form

Algoritham Used to Estimate Transfer Value of Players ?

The Algoritham used in getting the players value range from on field performances (goals, assists, impact, dribbles) to the of field charactarsitics like (age, playing position, current contract duration, market value) these attributes are combined with how competitive the league player is playing in currently and his international performances and last but not the least the player transfer trend of last 5 years.

Looking at the statitics Lionel Messi is by far the most valuable player currently in the world with his current value of around £172.6 million if a club were to sign Messi away from Barcelona. Lets take look at ten of the most valuable players.

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20 Most Valuable Footballers In 2022
1 Lionel Messi (Barcelona) £172.6m Very High
2 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) £104.3m Very High
3 Eden Hazard (Chelsea) £77.6m High
4 Diego Costa (Chelsea) £65.9m Low
5 Paul Pogba (Juventus) £56.4m High
6 Segio Aguero (Man City) £51m Medium
7 Raheem Sterling (Liverpool) £49.4m Medium
8 Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea) £48.6m High
9 Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) £47.8m High
10 Gareth Bale (Real Madrid) £47m Very High
11 Neymar (Barcelona) £45.4m Very High
12 Angel Di Maria (Manchester United) £44.6m High
13 Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich) £40.7m Very High
14 James Rodriguez (Real Madrid) £39.5m Very High
15 Oscar (Chelsea) £39.1m Low
16 Luis Suarez (Barcelona) £37.6m Medium
17 Thibaut Courtois (Chelsea) £35.2m High
18 Isco (Real Madrid) £35.2m High
19 Robert Lewandowski (Bayern) £34.4m High
20 Koke (Atletico Madrid) £33.5m Low

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