Nana Addo and Mahama Debate on TV 17 Years Ago! [Must-See Video]

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Nana Addo and Mahama Debate on TV 17 Years Ago – Years have passed, the looks have changed significantly, but Nana Addo and Mahama have remained ever the same in character!

Ghanaians have always wanted to see a debate of Akufo-Addo and Mahama, but the opportunity never always came. But Tv3 in marking her 20th anniversary, delved into her archives of many years to fish out a 17-year-old video of now President Nana Addo hotly debating John Mahama.

As at the time of the debate, Mahama was the Mnister of Communications under the NDC government, while Nana Addo has not started his presidential aspirations as the NPP leader.

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Moreover, NPP has never been in power before and Nana Addo being one of the Party’s communicators then, were always read to grab the slightest opportunity to criticise the ruling NDC, especially for holding unto powers for about 17 years and effecting minimal development in the country.

So the debate was one of such ‘slightest opportunities’, but Mahama will not let Nana Addo win the argument.

Watch the interesting video below:

Nana Addo and Mahama

Now President Nana Akufo-Addo and his predecessor, Former President John Dramani Mahama could correctly be described as two captains that cannot be contained in one ship. Although the two have always presented themselves as having deep passions for the well being of Ghanaians, their opinions never agree.

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It could be clearly seen from the video that although they may not have known they will both become presidents of Ghana someday, their opinions about each other and their plans for the country’s development remained divergent.

But despite their divergent views, the two are not known to be enemies either, at least publicly. Recall that the two presidents, incumbent and former were captured during Adama Barrow’s inauguration, exchanging heart warming greetings full of genuine friendship – one that is indisputably non-artificial.

After the event, Mahama had tweeted, “Working together we’ll move Africa forward. We may not always share the same ideals, but our commitment to Ghana & Africa is unshakeable.”

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