Nigeria’s Operation Python Dance May Trigger A Repeat Of The Civil War

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Nigeria’s Operation Python Dance May Trigger A Repeat Of The Civil War – The operation Python dance is a security-based concept which is ideally meant to ensure the safety of lives and properties. More than all other parts of the Southeast Zone the military presence is currently heavy in Abia State.

The military all over the world are respected for their bravery in risking their lives for the safety of the people. In Nigeria, they are commonly feared for their penchant of intimidating “bloody civilians”.

In the past few days the Nigerian military have disrupted the peace of Southeastern state, Abia, with their show of force.

With the re-heated calls for secession by pro-Biafra citizens, the operation Python dance concept has been controversial in the Southeast zone and particularly in the home town of Nnamdi Kanu.

From the fresh attacks of Kanu’s home, the military displayed another act of provocation by patrolling around the same residence in the evening hours of yesterday.

Also, the Nigerian army stormed the Nigerian Union of Journalist, Secretariat in Abia state. They harassed the journalists and destroyed some of their phones.

It was gathered that the harassment was to deter the journalist from making media reports of their presence in the region.

Evidences and personal witnesses of the victims proved that the claims were true.

As mentioned earlier, the Nigerian military is synonymous to intimidation. On several occasions, some of which have been made public on social media in recent times, the soldiers abuse their military status by ruthlessly assaulting harmless citizens.

Such was the unjustified case of the military and the journalists.

The series of attacks and provocation in the home town of IPOB leader, Kanu, is once again bringing Nigeria to the international light for the wrong reasons.

Nigeria seems to be fitting into the description of a dictatorial nation with a democratic cover. The latest military misconduct says a lot on the infringed rights of the people.

The IPOB leader in a recent interview says he is for a referendum on the secession bid. So far the Nigerian government has neither given any response nor shown a credible sign of politically restructuring the nation.

An attack on journalism is an attack on the basic rights and freedom of the people. Acknowledging this fact, the Deputy Director, Army Public Relation and Information, 82 Division, Colonel Sagir Musa made a visit to Abia state Capital, Umuahia to tender his apologies.

“I am in Umuahia on behalf of my boss Mag. Gen. Adamu Baba Abubakar who is the general officer commanding, GOC, 82 Division, Enugu, to express our concern over what happened today (yesterday) which is not the normal way we operate.”

“I want to assure you that all those who took part in the action against journalists will be fished out and dealt accordingly.”

Col. Musa also stated that Operation Egwu Eke (Python Dance) was a statutory duty of the military which is not to victimize anyone or group. In that vein he said that the operation will re-start from the 15th of September to 14th of October and the exercise is not targeted at any group.

The re-commencement of the operation contradicts the calls from prominent Southeast associations to abort the operation.

It is worth the mention that the provocative occurrences of the military in the past few days have communicated a different message away from the claims of the Col. Musa.

Abia state government has announced a dusk to dawn 3-day curfew to quench agitations and secure lives.

But as much as calm is being preached to the people of the southeast zone, pro-Biafrans across the country have displayed demonstrations that suggest readiness for war.

From all over the zone, IPOB members are moving to the home state of their leader to show solidarity.

Vanguard reported a clash that ensued yesterday between the Igbos and the Hausa community in Rivers State.

The Nigerian presidency has not issued a statement over the latest developments as more ethnic conflicts loom. In an event where the operation is a strategy to halt the Biafran movement, well meaning Nigerians have warned that intimidation will amount to more chaos.

Olivia Colman

Written by Olivia Colman


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