Psychologist Salary – Highest Paid Psychologists


Psychologist Salary – Highest Paid Psychologists – Psychologist’s Average Salary. The field of psychology has grown tremendously over the years and today there are several sub—fields in psychology. Psychologists study the mental processes and human behavior and how they behave, interact with one another and to the environment. The work fields of psychologists’ ranges from counseling people, to forensic psychologists who help in investigating crimes, to sports psychologists who help athletes cope with stress. The significant benefits for psychologists are that they get to study the human mind and how it works and effects human behavior. For those in the profession or who are planning to join it, knowing the monetary benefits helps them to know what to expect and compare pay levels.


United States’ Average Salary

To try and determine the average salary of psychologists in America, PayScale in November 2010 collected salary and compensation data from 282 psychologists. The data showed that the average annual salary of psychologists ranged from $46,859 to $78,672. This did not include any noncash benefits or perks.


PayScale did not factor in noncash benefits like health care in the salaries of psychologists. Yet these are important as the information showed that 77 percent of psychologists were covered for medical care, 60 percent for dental and 38 percent for vision care. Just 23 percent did not get any noncash benefits from their employers.

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There are a number of fields that psychologists work in today. PayScale determined that psychologists working in health care services received the highest monetary compensation which ranged from $49,967 to $80,988 per year. The next highest tier in terms of salary was those psychologists who worked in psychotherapy and clinical psychology and their average salary was $70,000. Psychologists who work in community health services, counseling or in educational institutions received approximately $10,000 less than those in the second tier.


As expected, psychologists with experience earn more than those who are just entering the field. According to PayScale’s survey, psychologists with one to four years experience have a salary range from $41,132 to $63,738. Psychologists with five to nine years experience have an annual salary range of $48,004 to $75,195. Those at the top of the scale are psychologists who have ten to nineteen years of experience in the field and earn an average salary from $57,743 to $84,597.


Surprisingly, 68 percent of the surveyed psychologists were females and there was a marked discrepancy between what they and what their male counterparts earned. The average salary for male psychologist ranged from $45,316 to $81,794, whereas the highest salary drawn by female psychologists only went up to $69,898.

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