These Rich Dogs Of Instagram Lead Far Better Lives Than Us & We Can’t Help But Be Jealous

Rich Dogs Of Instagram Lead Far Better Lives Than Us & We Can’t Help But Be Jealous = Gone are the days when, ‘You’ll live a dog’s life,’ was an insult. Because this Instagram account, Rich Dogs Of Instagram, has taken it upon itself to show what a rich life some dogs live.

Check it out. And cry.

Private jets, anyone?

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 I don’t even.

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 Such privileged bitches.

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 *Must stop feeling jealous*

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 Look at that spread.

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 Now imagine living here. ‘Cause you can only do that.

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 LV crazy dogue. 

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 Please don’t tell me that is a private jet?

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 Or this one!

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 Sigh. Kill me already.

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 *Deep breaths*

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 *Deeper breaths still*

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 Such class. Much wow. 

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 Get in the car loser, we going shopping!

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“What up?” “Oh nothing much, just hanging around my ride”

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 Imagine waking up to this?

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 Or living like this?

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 Luxe be like. 

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Seriously, your jacuzzi, swanky car, and that latest iPhone are zilch. Because after all that, it is a dog’s life for YOU and not these dogues!

Who let these dogs out? 


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