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There are some downsides to writing about sex: When random dudes ask you about your job, they often take it as a signal that any overtures will be appropriate; plus, it’s difficult to discuss your work with older, more conservative family members. But there is one MAJOR perk: You wind up trying out a lot of vibrators.

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If you get off on penetrative sex, do yourself a favor and consider the WeVibe Nova. At $149, she’s not the most modest investment in the world, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s worth every penny.

The Nova looks sort of like a hot pink lobster claw, with a gently curved handle that fits comfortably in my palm. It’s considered a “rabbit-style” vibrator, a dual-stimulation model that targets your G-spot and clit.

The longer arm is rigid, motorized, and balloons out slightly at its tip, a fairly standard element on most “rabbit” models. The real benefit here comes from the clitoral stimulator, though: A broad bulb at the end of a curved, movable arm that’s also equipped with a rumbly motor.

A quick cruise through Amazon’s best sellers suggests bedside drawers across the country are heavily stocked with rabbit styles. But that said, not all rabbit-style vibrators are created equal, and many are disappointing.

My first vibrator, for example, was an uninspiring rabbit-style vibe, with a hard shaft and a clitoral nub topped with buzzy antennae. The dual stimulation concept seemed good and logical, but my clit and my vagina are not separated by the half-inch of tissue this vibrator could accommodate. Thrusting the thing in and out meant only occasional bursts of clitoral sensation, rather than uninterrupted contact, while the nub’s angry little arms hammered on my sensitive spots. I usually wound up massaging my clitoris with the shaft, which seemed like a waste of perfectly good vibrations.

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The Nova, on the other hand, ditches the over-the-top bells and whistles so many rabbit vibes include—like fluttery ears or a rotating shaft—which are a waste of money, IMO. Its real genius comes from that bendy arm, which moves with your body as you maneuver the shaft, and never loses clit contact. This is really all I’ve ever wanted from a vibrator, and if you too like your orgasms blended, the Nova is a pretty sure bet.

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It’s an efficient one, too. Generally speaking, I recommend taking your time with masturbation (because self-appreciation is important!), and the Nova’s range of speeds and pulsations provide ample opportunities for experimentation and make a sesh last. But everyone has moments when they need immediate stress relief. And, at least in my experience, Nova can deliver an orgasm in under five minutes.

Should you find yourself alone in bed, comfortably swaddled in your covers and suddenly horny as hell, rest assured that the control pad on Nova’s handle is easily navigable by a thumb in the dark, and its powerful motors are quiet enough to go undetected by a slumbering roommate on the other side of a paper-thin wall. This is particularly useful for city dwellers (like myself) who live crammed together in glorified sardine tins, sick of listening to their housemates’ sex sounds.

WeVibe also comes with an app, which allows consumers to share pictures and videos over chat, hand the vibrator’s reigns over to a remote partner, or set custom vibration patterns. I can see this being fun for people with long-distance partners, or for those who enjoy camming, but I’ve personally never activated my app. Why? As The Guardian reports, WeVibe tracks how customers use their product via the app, and I didn’t want to surrender that vulnerable info.

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All in all, this is a satisfying and intuitive vibrator with a clever and versatile design: I could see its hook wrapped around a scrotum or used on a partner’s perineum. So far I’ve kept this vibe to myself, but with so many options, who knows what will come in the future.

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Written by Aba Forson

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