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StarTimes HD Satellite and DSTv Zapper: Best comparison

StarTimes HD Satellite and DSTv Zapper. Which one delivers more bang for your buck? This has been the debate for a section of the satellite television loving Ghanaians on these streets. While a service provider like DSTv has been around from back when I was a child, StarTimes has not let that faze it as it attempts to grab a sizeable share of the TV-viewing population of Africa.


StarTimes HD Satellite and DSTv Zapper: Best comparison

StarTimes is not taking its place as the biggest digital TV operator in Africa lightly. With a presence in over 30 African countries and a mix of engaging local and foreign content on its channels, it certainly rivals DSTv in some places here in Ghana, as well as elsewhere on the continent.

The debate between the StarTimes HD Satellite and DSTv Zapper decoders isn’t going to die down anytime soon. And since that is the case, let’s get on with the comparison.

StarTimes HD Satellite and DSTv Zapper: What’s new?

Let’s start with the StarTimes HD Satellite decoder. At a glance, you get the Decoder + Dish + LNB + Cable all for a GHC140 one-off cost.

This cost includes a month’s free subscription to the Super (100+ channels) bouquet. That’s a cool deal.

Next, we have the features which are as follow:

  • Full HD(1080p) viewing pleasure.
  • You get to link one decoder to three mobile devices.
  • You get the recording function.
  • Access help and guide button on remote.

An extra thing to note is that the StarTimes decoder as a low power consuming (4 watts) device, coupled with its ability to be used as a mobile phone charger.

Next is the DSTv Zapper decoder. What you get off the bat is a Zapper + Dish kit + Install + 1 month’s subscription to the Access (145 channels) package for a cost of GHC 169.

What you get with your purchase is as follows:

  • Full HD for your viewing pleasure.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1.
  • An eight-day TV Guide.
  • Parental Control, so you control what your kids watch.
  • Link up to three decoders with XtraView at the cost of one subscription fee plus an Access Fee for each XtraView connection.

So here’s where the StarTimes HD Satellite and DSTv Zapper debate gets heated for which is the better one. Both have advantages over the other in respect to offering certain extras where the other might be found lacking.

For example, whereas DSTv offers over 40 channels on its Access package, you’ll be sorely disappointed if you want European soccer. StarTimes, on the other hand, does not give you the top leagues in England (EPL), or even the UEFA Champions League. However, you’re compensated with the UEFA Europa League, the Emirates FA Cup, and the English Championship as well as the German Bundesliga and the Dutch Eredivisie.

Both services offer a lot when it comes to entertainment, education (documentaries), lifestyle, and news channels.
However, what sets both apart for me is the fact that I can connect my smartphone to my StarTimes HD Satellite decoder. This is convenient as I can sit on the porch and continue watching documentaries without having to move the television set. I cannot do that with my DStv Zapper.

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The takeaway…

It is great to have lots of television channels available to you, but, of what use would they be if you’re uninterested in the content they put out? The StarTimes HD Satellite and DSTv Zapper debate is subjective. DSTv may be doing great with their premium packages; however, when it comes to providing content that excites the common man, StarTimes does it better at a cheaper priceline. And you need to get your StarTimes HD Satellite decoder to experience all that goodness on your TV.

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Written by Aba Forson

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