Stonebwoy Reveals Truths About Shatta and Waddle 2016 Feud



To think that Ghanaians had closed the once heated Bie Gya beef between Shatta Wale and Criss Waddle… It would interest you to know that the major link in the seemingly complex equation has come out not to take sides, but to speak his truth.

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Dancehall artiste Stonebwoy has revealed to Ghanaians that he composed the song which caught so much attention as a result of a fight of ownership between the aforementioned artists.

Stonebwoy in an interview with Sammy Flex of Zylofon FM said he composed the song and gave it to Criss Waddle because he felt he was the one who could perform better on the song.

Bie Gya Brouhaha

Ghana’s entertainment industry in 2016,  experienced one of the greatest war of words between two stars when Satta Wale and Criss Waddle engaged in a verbal fight over who the rightful owner of the song Bie Gya is.

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CEO of Arab Money Gang (AMG) Criss Waddle had released a video revealing that his latest track titled “Bie Gya” with Stonebwoy was stolen by Shatta Movement boss Shatta Wale. He claimed Shatta heard the beat he was working on and quickly stole it and used it for another song.

According to Criss Waddle, he had been the first to have recorded a song with that title, which was why he was surprised when he realized Shatta Wale had a released a song with the same title.

It can be recalled that Criss Waddle was the first person to reveal publicly that he’s set to release a song titled ‘Bie gya’ featuring BET award-winner, Stonebwoy, then all of a sudden Shatta Wale released a song titled ‘Bie Gya’.

According to the sequence of events, Criss Waddle’s “Bie Gya” which featured Stonebwoy was released a few days before Shatta Wale also released a song titled “Bie Gya”.

Stonebwoy’s Version

The BET award winner had some ‘truths’ to tell when he spoke on Zylofon FM on their morning show ‘Showbiz Agenda.’ Stonebwoy said that he does a lot of assessment before he decides to jump on a song.

According to him, there are songs he writes but never ends up doing because he feels he may not be the best to produce it.

This was the case of Bie Gya. He would have made Bie Gya but concluded that Waddle would churn it out better. He had given the song to Waddle and opted to only be featured in it.

I wrote the song. I didn’t mean to say this but it’s because you’ve asked me that’s why this issue is out. I have written a couple of songs for some people. Sometimes, you tune it around a little to suit what you stand for

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