Susan Abena Preko, Banker Who Rose To ‘Snr Corporate Executive’ But Resigned To Sell Organic Spices – Called Malai Spices

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Willing to take risks to build a brand in order to make profit, is the basic property of anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur, and that is the borrowed adventure Susan Abena Preko Dankwa, has embarked on.

Abena, who attended Aburi Girls Secondary School, Ghana Institute of Languages – certificate of Proficiency, Accra Polytechnic Institute – Bilingual Secretaryship & Management Studies, and Wisconsin International University College – Bachelor of Arts, and can boast of over a decade of rich corporate work experience, had to resign to pursue her entrepreneurial dream of manufacturing, branding, and selling of organic spices for local and continental cuisines.

“Well, it has not been easy. I’m a university graduate, have impressive work experience from reputable companies, was not sacked but willingly resigned, no regrets, and now blends gingers (giggles) and other stuffs in the name of spices to sell. I’m not worried. It doesn’t bother me that I’m a graduate and now doing this at all” says Abena.

Ever-determined Abena, intimates how the bumpy trail began.

“My motivation was basically about adding to healthy cooking and eating. A lot of people are eating lots of spices with chemical or industrial preservatives. People think its ok because it gives them taste; I feel it’s not healthy. The side effects of those spices are not felt now, but we do when we grow or age. Eating naturally is the best way to go.

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“The rest, is to build a solid business brand I can pride myself with as my legacy. I should believe those I helped build their brands, should be proud to see me build my own from the experience I gathered from their outfits (LOL).”

With pride for her brand, Abena details what makes her spices unique among the lot on the market. “It gives your food more taste, it’s organic – absolutely no chemical preservatives, no fats or oil, main spice is ginger which maintains normal blood circulation and ranks high in all natural antioxidants, gives nice aroma, well packed, and relatively affordable. We do special ones for vegans and vegetarians too.”

Abena has worked with: First Capital Plus Bank – Personal Assistant, Snr Corporate Executive, Administrative Assistant (Legal & Corporate Affairs), Citizen Microfinance Ltd – Administration /HR Manager, OTM Investing Ltd – Administration/HR Manager, MBM (Media & Brand Management) – Executive Director, and now, the CEO of Malai Spices.

Susan Abena Preko Dankwa is taken for life – happily married to esteemed Broadcaster and Programmes Manager of Kasapa FM, EIB Network, Kojo Preko Dankwa.

Kojo Preko, as he’s fondly called, is the host of Kasapa Entertainment on Saturdays and a well-known Art Critic/Pundit, Co-Founder of art pressure group, Federation of Concerned Arts Professionals (FOCAP), and a member of Arts and Tourism Writers Association of Ghana, ATWAG.


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Written by Aba Forson

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