Magufuli’s Salary: The Bulldozer Earns A Third Of Predecessor’s Earning


Magufuli’s Salary: The Bulldozer Earns A Third Of Predecessor’s Earning – Magufuli’s Salary– Since his assumption of office the “bulldozer” president has been doing the good work of sanitizing the government.

One of his high flying promise to the people of Tanzania is to rid the country of corruption and anti-development policies. So far the president has been largely living up to his promises.

First, he cut off all lavish expenditures of government officials. It is his opinion that the nation should not be funding frivolous escapades of corrupt officials irrespective of their positions in the country.

“Some board members of public organizations used to decide not to hold their board meetings in Tanzania and will go to Dubai to hold their meetings there, just so that they could pay themselves a large amount of per diems. They certainly don’t like what my government is doing now.”

Magufuli has earned himself a name as one of the leading disciplinarians and genuinely serving presidents. He was nicknamed the bulldozer from his past records as the Minister of Works where he saw to the building of roads.

To balance the equation, the East African leader has also received a fair share of criticisms. He has been accused of exhibiting dictatorial tendencies. This was seen with the crackdown on prostitutes and the ban on miniskirts in the country.

Nonetheless, his people still love him for practicing what he preaches.

Thousands of civil servants and top government officials have been dismissed over matters of official misconduct, embezzlement, and false qualifications.

Magufuli's Salary

We will also recall that soon after he took over the office, the leader turned their independence day into national cleaning day. What was most thrilling was that he led in the activity.

Piece by piece, through his disciplinary and austerity measures, Tanzanian government and economy are taking an encouraging shape. The #WhatWouldMagufuliDo is a proof of the extent the impact of his reformation has gone.

It was recently revealed that the president applied the same judicious spending policy he preached in his own earnings.

As president, Magufuli’s predecessor, Jakaya Kikwete earned an estimated sum of $12, 024, translating to approximately 27 million Tanzanian Shillings. In a recent occasion, Magufuli revealed that he earned 9 million Tanzanian Shillings ($4008), which is one-third of his predecessor’s monthly earnings.

“My salary is nine million (Tanzanian Shillings). I have not increased my salary and I will not increase it. Because my obligation is to serve Tanzanians first. Citizens are tired of their money getting stolen.”

As much as  Magufuli’s salary is 3 times lower than what was previously earned, the revelation has left Tanzanians with mixed feelings. Side by side to the applause, some Tanzanians still think his earning is on the high side.

At the $4008 monthly pay, Magufuli earns lower than some East African leaders like President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya and Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni,

Reactions of the People

According to the world bank, about 12 million Tanzanians live in extreme poverty at an earning rate of less than $0.60 a day. Magufuli through his battle against corruption and his work to improve the economy hopes to improve the lives of his people for the better.

As it pertains to Magufuli’s salary, Detrick Kaijanangoma, a lecturer at Dar Es Salaam University, is proud of the president for cutting his salary.

“This is transparency and when you say you want to lead by example it is the right thing to do. Before, presidents never told us how much they were earning.”

On the other hand, the likes of Deodatus, a taxi driver, in an interview with Al Jazeera said:

“The president gets everything from the government. His children’s school fees, free house and free cars. If he thinks it is a small salary or it is not enough then he is mistaken.”

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