The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!


The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo! That manhood may look small from afar but upon penetration, one feels its weight and length. The feelings could be sweet, bitter or confusing depending on the receiver. That manhood can give you an everlasting orgasm and render the faint-hearted paralyzed for years.

Sometimes I wonder the kind of God that created Ghanaians because they are hospitable, genuine, sympathetic, forgiving, loving and hardworking but weird and could pass for a confidence trickster.

The tricks up the ordinary Ghanaian sleeves could make God send down Angel Michael instead of his son Jesus Christ to save the world.

The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!

No matter the size of a manhood a Ghanaian wields, one is always expectant of a spectacular intercourse. A feeling of ecstasy some Nations envy and wish to have but can only lick their lips and enjoy in their dreams.

The colonial Ghanaian were made to believe that he had no power unless he licks an ‘ass’ to feed but the modern day Ghanaian has outlived that lie. Yes, education and modernization have thought the average Ghanaian how powerful their manhood is and when used perfectly, will achieve a high voltage of orgasm which out of excessive sweetness could make them end up renting an apartment at a mental home.

In 2012, Ghanaians lost a sitting president. Their true character ‘sympathetic and loving’ came to play and majority rewarded his political party with their thumbs.

Ghana was in love with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) hence accepted the party’s marriage proposal without analyzing the offer that was put on their tables. A marriage that was challenged with divorce at the Supreme Court and saw some aggrieved in-laws being baptized with fire and knowing their real size. Another characteristic of Ghanaians, ‘loyalty’ came to play. The Ghanaian was loyal to the NDC in those turbulent eight months. The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!

Marriage they say is a long journey hence a need to probe before embarking on but the NDC took the feelings of Ghanaians for granted.

The government couldn’t decipher between the needs of its family (NDC) and that of Ghanaians upon whose thumb power was earned.

Ghana has a total population of about 27 million people and has 10 regions.

The country was the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence (from colonial rule in 1957) from the United Kingdom. Ghana became a republic on July 1, 1960 with the largest artificial lake in the world, Lake Volta found in Ghana.

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My social studies teacher at Prempeh College experimental the late Berchie thought me how God blessed my country with abundant natural resources including gold, diamond, silver, bauxite, cocoa, timber, huge water bodies, strong working force and the recent addition, oil. The country has been equipped with natural wealth.

Currently, Ghana is practicing a multi-party democracy but in reality, it is a two party state democracy. The NDC and the NPP.

Ghana has a literacy rate of about 75% for the total population with the female literacy rate hovering around 58%. Meaning, just about 58% of the total population of females above the age 15 can read and write. Although Ghana’s literacy rate is better than its neighboring countries, Ghana’s literacy rate falls below expectations compared to countries like Botswana, Zimbabwe and even Kenya. A situation politicians thrive on to abuse the nation. Yes majority could be illiterates but we posess the home sense. We know right from birth that fire can be a good and a bad master too.

In the traditional naming ceremony settings, a child is made to taste water and alcohol to enable him/her decipher between truth and lies upon growing up. A reason the illiterate Ghanaian cannot be taken for granted.

The NDC lost the 2016 general elections with a historic margin because the Ghanaian had eaten the forbidden fruit of good and bad from the Garden of Eden, and saw how naked they were.
Years of power crisis (Dumsor), high rates of unemployment amongst the youth, high cost of living, poverty, corruption coupled with the arrogance of sector ministers were a few of the things the ordinary Ghanaian had to deal with.

The NDC government said it had created some 1.7 million jobs since taking office in 2009. Were those jobs intangible, qualitative or artistic designed? Well probably it was job for the boys and only a few could benefit. The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!

Coming on the back of corruption scandals that have hit the country under the out-going administration, particularly the Woyome/Waterville/CP scandals, SADA, GYEEDA, Bus branding, Brazil World Cup etc, nothing annoyed the ordinary Ghanaian than the release of the Montie trio. But obviously the President with a dead goat syndrome sought to please his party members than Ghana of which he was serving.

Programs such as the Youth Enterprise support and others that were to support the youth and aid them with start-up capitals only benefitted party members. The office of confiscated cars, MASLOC etc were used to support the party’s electioneering machines.

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The introduction of a national sanitation day, another avenue for siphoning the Ghanaian coffers left many wondering.

I remember my youthful days in the village, Manso-Moseaso (Manso- Nkwanta constituency), how dare an inhabitant to visit the farm after the announcement of Opanin Addae, the Gong-gong beater for a communal labour. The enthusiasm with which my village folks used in cleaning, Kw3333 Onaaapo!!!

But today, which chief calls for a communal labour and is respected? As if folks can be bothered. So wouldn’t it be surprising the NDC will doll out monies and V8s to chiefs for endorsement and support when they do not command the numbers?

‘Awwww ona money, dem chop am Nyafunyafu’ The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!

Several strikes and demonstrations were warnings and signals boldly written on the Ghanaian walls.

Months to election, the president was nick-named commissioner General. I presume he loved it.  The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo! 
An Akan adage says ‘y3 kamfo wo dua foro no, na y3kamfo wakyakya’.

Commissioning projects because of elections? That was the biggest insult on the intelligence of the Ghanaian voter. Mr. President, you sought to tell Ghanaians you care less about them except for their thumbs. Yes I remember you rightly told Ghanaians to protect their thumbs for you. Obviously they protected it for you.

When Ghanaians complained about the hardship they were going through, you boldly told them to wait for 2016 wasn’t far if they sought to see your back.

Trust me, Ghanaians really respect you so they did as you instructed them.

The NPP did nothing extra ordinary to attain this feat but you Mr. President and your party campaigned for them. Whiles you were busy preaching virtues, your party was practicing vices and you looked on unconcerned. From ‘celebrity’ insults to derogatory campaign adverts.

It is like telling the modern day single woman of how poor your husband is in bed. She will pass behind you to witness it herself.

Post-election blues; your party never envisaged a loss not to think of a humiliating margin. In conceding defeat, I expected Mr. President to read from a tablet or a tele-prompter but he read from a piece of paper.

Yehowa!!! Then I knew ‘s3 killer b3wu last show”

The technological gimmicks you showed Ghanaians during the numerous state of the nation address vanished into thin air. That’s the power of the Ghanaian manhood.

I remember how the president thrilled the thousands of supporters who filled the Accra Sports stadium for the NDC’s Greater Accra final rally with his jargons and dabbing.
No ababaas3
3y3 zu, 3y3 za
Emefa !!! miaw miaw
And Ghanaians have ‘miawed’ you with their thumbs.

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But why is teacher Kofi Adams taking responsibility for the party’s failure? Was he the campaign chairman or the President? Even the Vice President who refused answering Dr. Bawumia’s 170 questions is quiet. Yes Teacher Kofi is trying to be a good leader but he should please zip it. The fault wasn’t his. The president appointed people to hold offices they didn’t qualify and failed to execute which he also failed to prosecute. The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!

A humble question though, does the NDC have a National Youth Organizer with deputies? Well good night on that subject.

When the cracks in the NPP became visible, the NDC jubilated and touted itself as united. After the loss, Ghanaians are beginning to see the cracks in the out-going NDC.

Well, if you pretend your mother is asleep whiles she is dead, she will surely have to wake up for all to see. The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!

Unlike Mrs. Amissah Arthur who refused to give ‘us’ chalk, Ghanaians hope the young discovery, Mrs. Samira Bawumia will provide pencils in addition to the chalks.

The NPP has every right to jubilate but shouldn’t forget that the ordinary Ghanaian is no longer patient and wouldn’t hesitate to abort any unwanted pregnancy. The Ghanaian ‘manhood’; onaapo!

Until then, I dedicate Becca Acheampong’s ‘3b3 hye wo” to the out-going President and the NDC family.

For the Ghanaian manhood de3, onaaaaaapo!!!!.

Author: Sandra Frimpong (Maame Broni)/

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