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The Internet Has Discovered Mexico's Insanely Attractive Weatherwoman

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The Internet Has Discovered Mexico’s Insanely Attractive Weatherwoman – The weather in Monterrey, Mexico is hot. And we’re not just talking about the temperature, which is known to hit triple digits in the summer. Televisa Monterrey has been blessed with an incredibly attractive weatherwoman by the name of Yanet Garcia. She’s been with the station for more than a year, but she’s just now causing the Internet to lose its collective mind because of her bodaciousness​ and penchant for wearing skin-tight dresses. The thirst is so real you’d think everyone has spent the last week in the Chihuahuan Desert. Garcia’s Instagram account (of course you’re going to click) has hopped up to 56,000 followers, and one of her many forecast videos is nearing 100,000 views. We couldn’t help but sit through the entire thing, despite not understanding a word of it. Check out some of her photos below and join in on the thirst.

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