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Top 10 Amazingly Beautiful Meals

Broccoli Rabe with a Hint of Pork
Broccoli Rabe with a Hint of Pork

These are top 10 amazingly beautiful meals. These meals are so gorgeous that you’ll want to pin (and make) every single one of them…that is, once you stop drooling.


1. The Good-Looking And Good-For-You Supper.

Amazingly Beautiful meals
Deep, dark green and purple kale takes on an even richer hue when you slightly char it on the grill, and boneless, skinless chicken breast never looked so good, thanks to a brushing of a zippy basil marinade and a quick pass over the flames.

2. A Light, Bright Thai Curry.

Thai Shrimp Curry and Rice
Fluffy white jasmine rice is the ideal accompaniment for this saucy red curry. Strips of red bell pepper and whole basil leaves brighten the dish, making it prettier than usual curries.

3. A Vertical Lasagna.

Amazingly Beautiful Meals
A tower of color, this stacked tomato-and-zucchini salad is held together with dollops of a pumpkin seed spread, tomato sauce and basil-pistachio pesto.

4. A Crispy, Salty And Smoky One-Dish Dinner.

A Crispy, Salty And Smoky One-Dish Dinner
Generally speaking, crispy bits of golden brown bacon can take a dish from “eh” to “ooooh!” — and this one-skillet meal of shredded rotisserie chicken, Cheddar and rice is no exception.

5. A Spanish Masterpiece.

Spanish Masterpiece
Spanish Serrano ham has a much deeper pink hue than cooked deli ham, and paired with golden peaches, bright green arugula and creamy goat cheese, it will make a flatbread pizza worthy of any dinner party.


6. The Fruity Entrée Salad.

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The Fruity Entrée Salad
Strawberries and spinach don’t just complement each other visually — they’re also a dynamic dietary duo (their nutrients pack a much greater punch in tandem than solo). White cheese — whether ricotta salata, feta or any other — stands out against the brilliant produce.

7. The Sneaky Way To Make Chicken Look Amazing.

beautiful meals
Ground ancho chili pepper and cumin add flavor to chicken thighs. They also give the meat a roasted-all-day appearance (and no one has to know this speedy recipe took you just 15 minutes to make). A salsa of cucumber, red pepper and avocado layered on top is a lovely addition.

8. Linguine, Pesto And A Sweet Little Broccoli Rabe Garnish.

Beautiful Dinners
A plate of linguine dressed in pesto feels predictable, but the sauce for this creative dinner is actually made with broccoli rabe (instead of basil), and if you don’t puree it too much, you’ll wind up with mini florets decorating the finished dish.

9. Perfectly Imperfect Kabobs.

We admit it: We’re suckers for grill marks, but that’s not the only reason we’ve fallen for this simple Greek dish. Crumbled feta and roughly chopped dill give it a haphazard, lazy feel that reminds us that gorgeous food doesn’t have to be perfect.

10. A Meat Makeover.

beautiful meals
A big honking plate of pork shoulder isn’t going to win any dinner beauty pageants. But when that meat becomes an accent to a savory bowl of garlic-, lemongrass- and chili-spiked greens and noodles, you’ve got one dazzling meal.


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