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Top 10 world’s best beaches

Top 10 world's best beaches
Top 10 world's best beaches

Top 10 world’s best beaches. There goes a long-awaited weekend – and once again you fight horrible traffic, stalkfor a parking space, endlessly search for a spot that isn’t occupied by other weekenders or piles of trash and then tolerate whichever amateur DJ decided to blast something crappy just 20 feet away. You surely can attest.

Top 10 world's best beaches
Top 10 world’s best beaches

But with one of those best beaches in the world and the right weather conditions, all the hassles and headaches it usually takes to get to the idyllic sandy paradise no longer matter. Whether you are into majestic cliffs and other rocky formations or just smooth golden sands, they are all fine regardless how tough was the journey there.

So, here go 10 world’s best beaches:

  1. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Widely known as one of the best beaches in the USA and the most popular place to watch (or even take part in) big wave riding, the waters there are as calm as a lake during the summertime, making it an awesome spot for scuba diving and snorkeling. After a day spent lounging one the clean and soft sands and surfing, do not start packing your towel and head back to hotel yet – above everything given above, as its name suggests, the sunset there is the real deal for visitors.


  1. Palm Beach, Aruba

Thisalmost pristine two-mile-long coastline on the northwestpart of the island is rich for all types of water activities to keep you up all around the clock. Try your luck at parasailing or go snorkeling before enjoying a barefoot meal at Pelican Pier Bar at the daytime. When it’s dark out, visit the nearby casinos, numerous restaurants and nightclubs to make your hasteless day livelier and, maybe, meet gorgeous single women.

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  1. CalaTonnarella, Sicily, Italy

When it comes to the best beaches in Europe and the most secluded beaches free of big crowds, it is definitely Sicily for the win. CalaTonnarellais an ultimate oasis for the travelers tired of civilization with its tiny bone-white stretch of sand and astonishing blue waters in the traditions of the best Caribbean beaches flanked by massive, limestone cliffs. Although it is inaccessible to get there via road, you will get a totally free bonus – a hike through the picturesque rock formations that will take you about an hour to reach the place. And you’ll be amazed once you discover there’s nobody else there and this wonderful beach is fully yours!

Top 10 world's best beaches
Top 10 world’s best beaches
  1. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Speaking of Navagio Beach, it is easily among the best beaches in Greece. Securely sheltered by sheer cliffs, it is so isolated you can only get there by boat. Spend the day sunbathing on the powdery sand and then admire its beauty from the viewing point nestled on the cliff above.


  1. Seven Mile Beach, Cayman Islands

This beach is fully in public access, making it absolutely no problem to go for a romantic sunset stroll from one hotel to anotherno matter in which one you’ve booked an apartment. Grab a nice lunch at the ocean-side cafe, play volleyball with the locals, ride the jet skis and top it off with some amazing underwater tour in Cemetery Reef.


  1. Blue Beach, Puerto Rico

Since it can bereached only by parking your car in one of 21 tight turn-offs along arugged, unpaved road, reaching the place can be an adventure itself. Go snorkeling around a smallcoral reefor book a journey led by the island’s bestguides to uncover the secret underwater spots.

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  1. Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas

Aftertaking a dip, head to either side of the shore and enjoy a fancy picnic in the coconut grove or right under the grape trees. Entirely silent throughout the week, the whole coastline becomes a lot livelier each weekend as many locals tend to throw cheerful parties.


  1. Treasure Beach, Jamaica

The coastline is actually divided into several coves, with some of those being always open to the public. While you will be definitely inspired by the sleepy small fishing villages, you can also go for some exciting swimming and snorkeling around the crustedrock shorelines.


  1. Matira Beach, French Polynesia

Find complete relaxation on the silky, powder-like sand sloping gently into the crystal emerald lagoon, and is curtained by a thick palm grove.

Free bonus: the beach is in public access, so you don’t need to pay quite a sum to a five-star resort so that you can be allowed to enjoy the beauty.


  1. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

Untouched is probably the most accurate word to describe the Bathsheba Beach, where both photographers and surf-lovers flock in a hunt for the best waves. Arriving there you can watch a truly breathtaking phenomenon called the “Soup Bowl” – when the tides crash into immenseboulders and create a scenic natural wonder. Perhaps it is not the best place for swimming, but you will be certainlygranted the best shots to post on Instagram.

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