Top 16 Companies Where Most Millennials Want To Work

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Top 16 Companies Where Most Millennials Want To Work – Due to the rise of pop culture and entertainment platforms, such as Netflix and social media, there has been an influx of career openings for young adults wanting to create unprecedented concepts for some the world’s leading industries. These millennials are well-versed in the current technologies and media spaces and are ready to make their impact on the workplace.

The 2016 Millennial Career Survey, in correlation with the National Society of High School Scholars, conducted its annual report focusing on determining the employment preferences of academically excellent students. While the survey illustrates the desired workplace of millennials, it additionally allows employers to perceive the career goals of the young generation, something that has not always been very obvious to older generations.

While those older generations worked the typical 9 to 5 office job at the same company until retirement, millennials would rather be employed in a fun, interactive workplace where the amount of work they produce isn’t confined by time. Global companies actively seek out scholars of the younger population that can offer skills and ingenious ideas that were not expressed by the generations before them.

Despite the stigmas of the millennial generation, this group of young adults aspires to put their qualifications to use in an array of companies, ranging from technology-driven corporations to federal agencies. It’s estimated that by 2020, nearly half of all U.S. employees will have been born of the millennial generation. So we better hope that this latest generation to join the workforce knows what it’s doing.

15. Nike

The appeal of working at Nike extends farther than just wanting to have a cool pair of shoes. While the employee discount would definitely be a bonus, the Nike company didn’t earn the title as one the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel by hiring employees who just want new kicks. It receives its dominating reputation by respecting its core values of authenticity with its performance and innovation. Current and past employees have praised Nike for the pleasant and informal work environment that focuses more on the construction of the brand, rather than stuffy corporate functions. The multinational corporation excels in the development, manufacturing and marketing of their services due in part to their staff that has a passion for being the “MVP” sports brand in the business. Nike’s sponsorship and marketing contracts with professional athletes and leagues, makes the multibillion dollar corporation a dream business for millennials with a passion for the development of athletic and recreational products.

14. YouTube

Companies looking to appeal to applicants should take a page out of YouTube’s book and add a big red slide in the office. Current employees rave about the onsite food that compliments any diet and the recreational activities that are always occurring throughout the day. While this may not be the only reason why millennials want to work for the corporation, it definitely is a perk. Working for YouTube consists of more than just filming makeup tutorials and vlogs, it’s the behind the scenes business that attracts the young adults looking to begin in the work force. It’s a great way for youths to make content with the creative world in order to understand how YouTube impacts lives all over the world. Jobs at YouTube range from software engineering to marketing, which offers millennials with any degree and a passion for pop culture the opportunity to work with a diverse community of innovators.

13. Microsoft

As a widely recognized leading multinational technology company offering computer software and electronics, Microsoft has no trouble appealing to millennials as a post-graduation career destination. The company is known for offering one of the strongest compensation and benefits packages for its employees. Despite being the world’s largest software maker, the company does get overlooked by other large innovative tech companies; such as Google or Apple. This lack of respect has been known to motivate employees to develop advanced industrial science products that will have a great impact. Microsoft’s leadership in the tech world additionally motivates fresh engineers to join the company’s legacy. The company headquarters is home to sport fields, salons, bike and ski gear shops, and over ten different restaurants. With the impressive pay and on-campus fitness Microsoft offers, it’s evident as to why millennials are looking to join the company.

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12. U.S. State Department

Technology and media driven companies may be more impressive in scouting millennials in the workforce, but the government has seen increasing applications by the younger generation. The appeal of government isn’t for everyone, but young professionals looking to put their education to good use in the political atmosphere have been joining the ranks. The U.S. Department of State seeks to hire applicants that have an extreme sense of adventure and diverse academic and cultural backgrounds. These traits, along with the proficiency to strategically solve problems, is what creates the passion to contribute to society. It is their utmost responsibility to hire candidates who attain America’s purpose of domestic and global diplomacy. Prior to official employment, the Department offers various internships and fellowships for millennials considering a career with the organization. In today’s society, millennials appreciate satisfaction for their work and can find validation by implementing the foreign policy of the United States.

11. Johnson & Johnson

While Johnson & Johnson may not seem as thrilling as a place to work at like other top contenders on this list, it still manages to capture a large amount of attention from the younger generation. America’s multinational manufacturer of consumer and pharmaceutical packaged goods is a prominent Fortune 500 company that has young millennial professionals requesting employment. The employee population is a melting pot of backgrounds that is united with the commitment to caring about the daily lives of people. Developing products that improve health and wellness is the mission that is upheld by its staff. With the millennial generation striving to move up the corporate ladder quickly, Johnson & Johnson has adjusted their compensation program in order to be compatible with the needs of young professionals. Working at Johnson & Johnson allows millennials the opportunity to work hands on with the corporation responsible for producing important household products such as Band-Aids, baby wash, and Tylenol medicine.

10. Netflix

As a popular entertainment medium for all generations, Netflix is a company that graduates aspire to land jobs at with their fresh diploma in hand. The global provider of streaming television and movies has rapidly expanded from delivering DVDs via mail to producing original series and films. What sets Netflix apart from other companies, is the culture in which they expect to run their work environment. By hiring people who have responsibility and creative freedom, Netflix wants people who can make a positive impact on the company and its reputation for delivering the highest quality entertainment. Additionally, Netflix conducts an open and honest recruiting process that allows both parties to determine their worth to one another. Millennials with prominent skills as program engineers or in the sales and marketing business, join the most accomplished dot-com venture in order to continue expanding this successful multibillion dollar corporation. However, in the workplace there is more of a focus on Netflix rather than “chill” on the job.

9. Amazon

As one of the digital age’s success stories, Amazon is highly favored among customers and investors. Despite its accomplishments, several media outlets have published articles highlighting the corporation as a difficult place to work. Previous workers have disclosed that employees are requested to evaluate their peers in an abrasive manner. While older generations portray the company in a negative light regarding the work environment, millennials are not deterred. The company’s ongoing reviews and evaluations of employees speaks to the millennial need of constant affirmation. Amazon’s approach of enlisting young adults with the idea of investment in obtaining new skills and looking for the next opportunity to move up, allows the global company to be a perfect fit for the young generation. Founded in the early ’90s by a Wall Street veteran, Amazon doesn’t object to be being a data-driven corporation. This mindset in return greatly draws in millennials ready to enter the workforce.

8. Central Intelligence Agency

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It isn’t uncommon for millennials to have the stigma of being opposed to working rigorous jobs that require actual work. However, the recent survey illustrated that the young generation does in fact have a strong interest in a steady paycheck and government agencies. Employment with the Central Intelligence Agency consists of more than just catching the bad guy. Working with the CIA is not a typical career; agents are constantly challenged to use their intellectual and analytical abilities. The organization attracts millennials for the opportunity to help people by putting their generational knowledge to the test. Being a member of the young population is surprisingly not a hindrance to the application process. Applicants with integrity and intellectual curiosity are highly recruited by the organization in order to join the first line of defense. The agency employs millennials who are efficiently adapted to new technology and a mindset molded by the evolution of society.

7. Federal Bureau of Investigation

Millennials looking to fit into the “bigger picture” seek federal employment in order avoid a typical 9 to 5 work pace. While the FBI may seem intimidating, the Bureau looks to recruit young adults for many positions. The appeal of actively hiring the millennial generation correlates to the wide range of technology the group is exposed to. With the accessibility to new technology, the FBI expects younger applicants to use their deep understanding of modern practices that sets them apart from previous generations in the field. Hollywood has been known to glamorize the FBI with a non-stop action and adventure appeal, but in reality it’s far from the glitz and glitter. Only serious millennials wanting to protect, defend, and provide justice, will thrive working on a federal level. Jobs the FBI can offer to millennials ranges from cyber intelligence to public relations.

6. BuzzFeed

Reaching over 7 billion global content views on a monthly basis, BuzzFeed is clearly crowned the leading network of news and entertainment. With 18 offices scattered across the world, BuzzFeed offers creative millennials the chance to produce unique content that draws in audiences looking for engaging material. The popular social news organization achieved success by implementing the combination of quirky content and emotions into their posts. Millennials who live and breathe delivering news in all degrees on social media, aspire to land a job at BuzzFeed- a company which has unquestionably mastered viral content. It’s justified to say that the company is the media network for the social age and that alone attracts recent graduates who wish to join the monumental platform. Working at BuzzFeed is the perfect way to break free from the mundane atmosphere of the workplace that many millennials are not attracted to. Instead of crunching numbers, employees will be developing outrageous content consisting of tasting foreign candy and pop culture quizzes.

5. Apple

From iPhones to desktop computers, there is no denying that Apple is the leading provider for the latest gadgets. For engineers and tech-savvy enthusiasts, Apple is one of the top companies to which they desire to lend their creative minds. Being committed to expressing the highest standards in demonstrating social responsibility around the globe, Apple employs young minds who respect that commitment. For young Apple enthusiasts looking to design state of the art technology, the company is a dream come true. Despite being notorious for its rigorous interview process, it has the second highest base salary behind Google. Software engineers are listed as starting at $125,321 with the addition of great benefits. Needless to say that kind of payment is the light at the end of tunnel and makes any difficult interview process worth the hassle. Besides the impressive pay, Apple allows millennials to think outside the box and encourage innovation that increases the demand within the industry.

4. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

While millennials often receive negative stereotyping insinuating their selfish tendencies, a high volume of young adults thrive in using their degrees to impact others. Young professionals wanting to make a real world impact look to St Jude’s mission to combine both compassion and innovation in finding a cure for children with cancer. The collaboration of the inspirational mission and resources makes St. Jude a desirable opportunity to change lives. For three consecutive years, St. Jude has been on the “100 Best Companies to Work For” compiled by Fortune magazine. While St. Jude is passionate about the well-being of their patients, they are additionally committed to their employees. The research hospital offers affordable competitive benefits to their staff that help save hundreds of dollars each year. The reputation of the research hospital draws in millennials eager to join an organization that is equally passionate about its mission.

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3. Walt Disney Corporation

Who wouldn’t want to work for the happiest place on Earth? According to millennials, Disney is a dream corporation to begin their careers. Whether it’s theme park attractions, exhilarating sports coverage, or animated features, the Walt Disney Corporation is the world’s leading form of entertainment. Disney offers millennials of all degrees and talents the opportunity to showcase their abilities to audiences all over globe. With teamwork considered to be the most valuable asset, graduates seeking an environment that thrives in collaboration will flourish with a career at Disney. The world of entertainment has continuously been redefined by the prominent company and it looks to keep the spark alive by employing imaginative thinkers and doers. The beloved company provides the young generation with a supportive network that gives them the chance to grow their skills in order to climb the ranks of employment. It addition to salary and benefits, employers of Disney receive discounts and complimentary admissions to theme parks.

2. Google

It comes as no surprise that the majority of graduating millennials would desire to work at the world’s most popular search engine. Fresh out of college, Google presents the young generation a comfortable transition from the classroom into the corporate environment. Its prominent reputation isn’t the only factor that makes Google a desirable place to work. Google has an array of perks for employees including paid sabbaticals and college-tuition reimbursement. With more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the globe, the offices are not your typical workspace; it’s more like a sophisticated playground. The company has highly invested in making sure that it’s “Googlers” are equipped with the best work environment and benefits. Google ensures that it’s employees are fully supported by offering opportunities for both personal and professional growth. While the opportunity to work at Google is fueled by business and technology endeavors, it’s difficult to ignore that the fun atmosphere isn’t a deciding factor.

1. 3M

Leading the pack of influential companies desirable to millennial employees is one of the world’s leading innovation corporations. 3M began as a little mining endeavor that in return grew to be one of the world’s scientific powerhouses. Following its birth over 100 years ago, the corporation has been approved for more than 100,000 patents and has integrated itself into almost every company across the globe. For students who thrive in inventing products to improve daily life tasks, the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company is the place to be. 3M encourages engineers and scientists the freedom to exercise their ability to foster new ideas by having all employees take initiative for their work. To young scholars looking to contrive unique novelties, 3M is the company that provides them an office with an ambitious atmosphere. With over 90,000 employees, the company strives to solve challenges of all calibers in order to provide customers with the improvements they deserve.

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