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U.S. Ambassador Salary – Highest Paid U.S. Ambassadors – The Salary of an Ambassador.  One of the most important jobs in both the US and abroad is working in the foreign services. Because of the fact that this job comes with a variety of important responsibilities so the government looks to recompense the diplomatic services monetarily and through the other benefits. Initially the diplomatic posts start out with a pretty low salary and as they advance into their careers the diplomats start getting more and more lucrative salaries matching their experience, location and the education. Apart from them the diplomats can get tuition reimbursement, healthcare and other fringe benefits such as free day care.


Ambassadorial Salary

As the Foreign Service is a government job so the diplomats enjoy the salary which is not only according to the gazette but also scheduled with regular budgetary increments. As per the United States Foreign Service Pay Schedule the lowest ambassadorial salary is $47,024 as of 2010 and the middle starting salary was $52,601 and a high of $64,917. If an ambassador enters into the diplomatic core from the private sector and takes a pay cut by accepting the post then the Foreign Service will try to match with the salary of the private sector. The salaries are dependent on the education and the experience and some cost-settlement which is based on loyalty if the diplomat is based on the American soil.

The Importance of Education and Experience

A good resume can make all the difference while performing for the job of an Ambassador. A candidate who has a bachelor’s degree usually earns higher for each year of experience over five whereas the non degree holding candidates merely get a pay rise after getting more than six years of experience. A six years of experience is equal to a bachelor’s degree, 10 years of experience is equal to a master’s degree and 12 years is for JD doctorate.

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Senior and Executive Foreign Service Salaries

After reaching to the senior level the salary of an ambassador touches the career cap and may not increase any further. By 2010 the senior career diplomats may earn up to a minimum of $119,554 or a maximum of $179,700. At the executive level or the highest most level of the diplomatic corps the minimum salary is $145,7000  so far as the EX-IV is concerned, and a maximum of $199,7000 for the classification of EX-I.

Benefits of Ambassadorial Work

The ambassadors usually join the ambassadorial service so that they could travel, and venture around the diversified cultures of the world so that the American interests could be advanced internationally. Ambassadors make serious contacts and constantly enrich their learning experience as a part of the compensation. So far as the foreign based diplomats are concerned the government pays for housing and rest and relaxation breaks if positioned in a stressful zone. The duties are long and cumbersome; according to a diplomat who writes in the Princeton Review his hourly wage in 1992 was $3.45 after adding all the unpaid overtime that he put in. Anyways some of the people find the parties quite challenging and the world wide adventures and the outings pays a lot more than those tough and hard hours spent in the office.

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