WAEC Ghana BECE 2018 Placement ✔ SHS Selection Guide

WAEC Ghana BECE 2018 Placement ✔ SHS Selection Guide WAEC, (West Africa Examination Council) is a body under the Ministry of Education in Ghana.

Its main task is to dispense pre-tertiary examinations both at national and international level. The examinations include BECE, WASSCE and other examinations. It also conducts the placement of qualified candidates to Senior High School (SHS) and Tertiary level. To better understand its operations and the strict selection process read on to understand how WAEC Ghana placement takes place.


WAEC Ghana BECE 2018 Placement ✔ SHS Selection Guide

CSSPS secretariat under the Secondary Education Division of the Ghana Education Service (GES), was introduced in 2005 to facilitate BECE JHS students’ placement into SHS, based on students’ results ranking their performance on a standardized exams and choices of their preferred selected programs.This is what guides and informs BECE schools secelction 2018 as well as BECE school placement 2018. It worked well for BECE placement 2017.

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Ghana Education system

Ghana Education system operates on 6-3-4-4 system. Basic education is compulsory from 4 – 15 years.

  • Primary education – 6 years, excluding ( 2 years of nursery/ Kindergarten schooling)
  • Junior high school – 3 years
  • Senior high school – 4 years
  • Tertiary education – 4 years

During the kindergarten schooling, students can use Ghanaian’s native languages and English language as an instructional language. This to help them learn their native languages in the early years of their life before switching to English in the next levels. They are also involved in basic socialization skills, games as well as bring out their creativity.

In their Primary education years, students are involved in Numeracy, Creative Arts, Literacy, and problem solving skills. English is basic the language of learning.

In Junior High school (JHS) students take up compulsory subjects; English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Integrated Science including Agricultural Science subjects, a Ghanaian language, Technical, Information, Vocational, and Communication.

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After their 3 years in JHS; in the ninth grade, students sit for Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) offered by WAEC (West Africa Examination Council). Prior to sitting for the national examinations, ninth grade JHS students select six SHS, ranked from the most preferred on top of the list that they anticipate to join when they proceed to SHS. They also indicate they preferred choices of programs to undertake against the selected SHS.

Some students opt not to proceed to SHS but instead take up jobs, technical and vocational education with on-the-job trainings.

WAEC Ghana BECE 2018 Placement ✔ SHS Selection Guide
WAEC Ghana BECE 2018 Placement ✔ SHS Selection Guide 1

Source:Topify NG

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Senior High school (SHS), all students take common subjects comprising of Mathematics, English Language, Integrated Science, and Social Studies. The students are also supposed to take up three or four Elective subjects, chosen from different groups: Sciences, “Arts” (humanities and social sciences), Vocational (visual arts or home economics), Agriculture or Technical, Business studies. At the end of SHS, students sit for the WASSCE, (West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination) which determines their entry to Tertiary education. Qualified and selected students can enroll for certificates, diploma, undergraduate and graduate, programs in a full range of academic and professional fields.

WAEC Ghana placement 2018- WAEC Ghana placement forms

JHS students in their ninth grade usually sit for their BECE yearly in the month of June. Thereafter, the Ministry of Education of Ghana through WAEC releases examination results after a month or so of marking the examinations. WAEC conducts selection and placement of BECE qualified candidates to join Senior High Schools, (SHS).

The Ministry of Education in Ghana together with WAEC and Ghana Education Service (GES) has a Computerized School Selection and Placement system, (CSSPS), which they use to carry out placement exercise of qualified BECE students to SHS, Technical Institutes (TI) and Vocational Institutes across the country.

Students are normally graded and ranked according to their BECE performance. The details of individual student’s placements can be checked online to verify their selected school and thereafter print out their placement letter. This is what the students send to the respective allocated schools. To do this you must access the online placement form.

Note: 2018 CSSPS Results [Check on the computerized school selection and placement results Online portal] – | The computerized school selection and placement system (CSSPS) Results is out for the 2018/2019 academic session. According to

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WAEC Ghana placement checker- CSSPS WAEC Ghana JHS placement checker for 2017 or 2018

Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) will allow the students to see the schools they have been admitted into and the program offered. After selection and placement, results are dispatched to all SHS, Technical Institutes and Vocational Institutes with copies made available to Regional District offices of GES and all JHS.


Procedure for CSSPS placement checker

This is according to, which is an online portal support by the Ministry of Education website.

  1. Then enter your 10-digits BECE index number. Add the last two digits of the year of examination eg. XXXXXXXXXX18 for 2018. Note: Previous years’ whether 1993,….., 2017, 2016 and etceteras can also be checked here. All one needs to include is type in the two last digit of the examination year. For instance, XXXXXXXXXX17 for 2017, XXXXXXXXXX16 for 2016 and so on.
  2. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the top of your Scratch card.( Card of equivalent to $3 is purchased from WAEC regional offices or Post offices)
  3. Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card.
  4. Finally, Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up.
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Students, guardians and parents also have an option of checking their SHS placement via mobile SMS. Various mobile networks can be used for this checking. Any of the following networks can be used: – MTN, Vodafone, Airtel, Tigo and Kasapa

Procedure for CSSPS placement checker via mobile phone

  1. Send at text of the BECE candidate 10-digit INDEX NUMBER to 1060 to confirm schools of their choice for placement. e.g. if the candidates index is 0123456789, text 0123456789 to a short code SMS number 1060 on any of the above networks. NOTE: do not space the index number
  2. If the candidate does not receive a feedback, repeat the exercise; i.e. text the 10-digit index number to short code 1060 followed by the last two digits of the year of examination.(0123456789 as index number followed by 18- to stand for year 2018. It show appear like this 012345678918).

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CSSPS placement forms

CSSPS FORM according to, Candidates can then print their placement forms and send them to their respective schools. All they need to do is type in their Index number, Personal Identification Number (PIN) and Card serial Number.

Checkout the screenshot below:

Print Placement Forms

Index Number :

Card Serial No. :


CSSP re-entry forms and application

Sometimes students miss out on placement to SHS on the CSSPS due to a number of reasons. Once you have used the cssps placement checker 2018 and verified that you have missed your placement then the best option would be a re-entry. A student may be rejected from admission to their initial choices of SHS. In case the first selected schools have filled their capacity after admitting the most qualified students, they reject any further admissions. Hence, students who performed lower that the set “cut off” marks are not placed.

Sometimes a student fails to be selected and placed to a SHS because of failing either mathematics or English subjects. Any student who fails to give correct or adequate requisite information on their answer sheets may sometimes be canceled or withheld.

The student might have chosen one school twice which may automatically limit or disqualifies their chance of placement in that school. Sometimes a particular school maybe oversubscribed by candidates placing undue pressure for its placement.

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A BECE candidate may also defers admission to his/her selected and placement school in a particular year with such reasons as falling ill , loss of parent(s), retirement and dissatisfaction with the selected placement by CSSPS, can apply for re-entry.This is when you need cssp re-entry forms. As a policy issued by the Ministry of Education, candidates who passed their BECE and who has stayed out of school for up to three academic years can also apply for re-entry.

The student is then force to reapply for a second placement. Filling re-entry forms is a mandatory requirement so as to be eligible for the placement exercise. There will be a small fee to pay for the re-entry forms.

Procedure to follow:-

  1. Visit: / CSSPS Backup Link
  2. Log in with your index number and PIN code
  3. Click on Check placement status
  4. [Since you’ve not been placed], you will find a link to self-placement
  5. Click on the self-placement link
  6. On the new tab, select your preferred region
  7. Select your preferred school
  8. Select your program of choice
  9. Click on the submit button to place yourself
  10. Proceed to print your placement notice.

WAEC Ghana contacts

Candidates, parents or guardians who have queries or various problems in checking their placement are advised to contact CSSPS offices. For more information contact:

The coordinator,


P.O. BOX M45


Telephone number: 0302-783905


Ministry of Education Hotlines

Call 0302 747 778

Whatsapp: +233262568206 or 0207 407 499.


Other contacts:-

The Headquarters, Accra

Registrar/Chief Executive

The West African Examinations Council

Examination Loop

P.O. Box GP 125




Telephone number +(233-21)-248967

Fax number +(233-21)-222905

Ghana National Office

Head of National Office

The West African Examinations Council

Examination Loop

Behind Ridge Hospital

P.O. Box GP 917




Telephone number +(233-21)-685901-4

Fax number +(233-21)-223002

Ghana National Office

Head of National Office


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