What Bulldog Says About Managers Dating Clients


Managing Female Artistes – Believe it or not, there are female artists in Ghana currently dating their managers successfully.

We may not have the names, but an assertion by Bulldog that in order to manage a female artiste successfully, a male artiste manager needs to have a sexual relationship with her; has given us more grounds to believe so.

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Artiste manager, Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson popularly known as Bulldog has stated that in order to have a productive journey with a female artiste, you need to have a sexual relationship with her.

He made this assertion to host Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz on Hitz FM while discussing the trials and tribulations artiste managers endure to manage female artists in the music industry.

Bulldog’s comment comes in light of recent complaints by some managers that female artists are difficult to manage.

According to the former manager of Shatta Wale, “if you want to manage a female artiste successfully you have to be in an emotional and sexual relationship with her.”

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Bulldog noted that even though some managers will disagree with him, he believes it is the best way to synergize thoughts to increase workflow to reach maximum heights.

Managing Female Artistes – Married Men Should Not Manage Single Ladies 

The artiste manager went ahead to say that it is best for married men to work with married artists to reduce temptations of extramarital affairs. According to him, spending too much time working on productions causes attraction which may be a threat to marriages.

‘You won’t succeed if you don’t do that. If you are married, there would be problems for both of you.’ he said

Bulldog, who is an artist manager as well, was of the opinion that it becomes a problem when either of the two; the manager or artiste is married.

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