What Makes The Ultimate Dream Job?

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The Ultimate Dream Jobs – Are you currently working at your dream job? If not, do you have an idea as to what your dream job would even be? Research was conducted on what makes up the ultimate dream job, and the answers may help give you further insight on your own place of employment.

The National Career Service determined the importance for employees to feel passionate about what they’re doing, as well as that they are achieving personal and professional goals. Perhaps not shockingly, these are very important factors to consider when determining what it is you want out of your employment. Not only will this further your ambition, but it will hopefully allow you to feel confident in your job, which is essential to long-term growth.

As you continue to get older, you may also begin to understand the value that jobs can present outside of a paycheque. Research found that additional perks and benefits were the top consideration for 57% of job hunters. When it comes to looking for different perks, why not take advice from some of the biggest companies in the world?

Adobe will shut down their entire office for one week in the winter and summer in order to help boost morale. Netflix is known not only for their outstanding one year paid maternity and paternity leave to new parents, but also for not having “set work hours.” What that means, is that if you’re done your work, go home! No more sitting by the clock waiting until 5pm. This is crucial, as a proper dream company will not only care about your well-being, but also promotes a healthy work-life balance.

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At your current job, what you are striving for might not necessarily be a bigger bump in pay. When presented with the choice of a pay raise at their current job or added benefits, 79% of employees stated that they would prefer benefits. This was an even more evident trend in women and younger employees.

Continuing to prove that it isn’t just all about the money, when it comes to describing what area of employment was the most important, 90% of employees stated they wanted to be in a company that was committed to their professional development. It’s clear that it’s not just enough to reel people into your company, you need to prove that they are going to be growing as a person and employee and not just collecting cheques.

For a company, it’s important to establish yourself as a “dream company” to work for, or you run the risk of a higher turnover. Only 13% of employees that are in a “dream job” would consider leaving it within the next year, in contrast to 25% of employees that are not.

If you are not in your dream job right now, realize that everything in life may just take some time. Many employees may find themselves working for the company they love, but still need to work their way up the ladder in order to get to their dream spot. What that hopefully means though is that when you get to that place, you’ll know just how hard you worked to get there, and appreciate it all the more.

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Check out the infographic below by for more information on what having your “dream job” really means.

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Written by Aba Forson

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