Why Is Barcelona Not Selling Messi? Find Out The Three Simple Answer!

Why is Barcelona Not Selling Messi. There are three things to consider.  Barcelona can literally lay down the floor for him and ask him to use them as a carpet to walk on so that his feet don’t touch the ground – such is…

1 – Who can afford to buy him? Who can convince him to play in their Team

Not many clubs can guarantee Champions league success like Barcelona can.

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Not many clubs can afford the buying fee and then the enormous wages Messi would demand.

To convince Messi , they can guarantee Champions league success, they must have world class goal keeper, defenders, midfielders and fellow forwards. Or they should be able to buy other word class player(s) to make their world class squad. But if a team is buying Messi they will literally have no money to buy another world class player and be able to pay his wages.

English Clubs:

Chelsea comes close to having a world class squad. but the should invest in a better right wing back and aback up right-back to be able to convince Messi.(And yes China has given them some money to spend)

Manchester United should buy a william Carvalho like Defensive midfielder to form a good midfield partnership with Pogba and Herrera .

Manchester City should spend a lot in their defense to get better. For city their defense needs so much improvement that they have to invest a lot defense and may not be able to spend on other players .

Wenger is not able to convince Sancez to sign a new deal . And his unwillingness to pay high wages to players will mean Arsenal and Messi dont come close.

Spurs have good squad, which works incredibly will together, the defense is the best premier league and one of the best in Europe, a very good midfield . they need a good back up midfielder a good winger and a good backup winger. With all due respect to Spurs, Spurs by all means is a small club for someone like Messi.

If some team is some how able to pay the enormous fee Barcelona and wages of Messi , they can get back their money just by some clever marketing . But that’s not a risk worth taking, having Messi does not guarantee success for the team.

None of them can boast of have a world class squad minus a good striker before Messi joins their team, which is really important to convince this guy.

German Club :

Only good (read good and rich enough) club is Bayern Munich. But Bayern are not known to spend big on players transfer fees their most expensive signing is Javi Martinez bought for €40 Million. Which is way less than the highest transfer fee paid by clubs like Lazio have paid. But they have the money and unlike the previously mentioned English clubs where the other positions i.e. defense, midfield and Goal keeping also needed new players for it to be considered world class team , Bayern already have a world class squad. If they buy Messi their forward line will be Lewandowski, Messi and one of Ribery/Robben/Costa/Coman. This winger position can also be filled by Muller nut he is best when playing behind a striker. So they will have a world class squad which challenge for Champions League, but the question is will they spend.

French Clubs :

PSG: The case is way similar to that of Bayern Munich.

Monaco : mmmm … No

The problem with In French League 1 and Bundesliga is the league has become almost a one horse race, which will not provide the quality of opposition which Messi deserves.

Italian Clubs:

Juventus : They have invested heavily in attack recently. And also have a very good mid field and a world class Defence. If they win the Champoins League they will have the money which may be enough to buy Messi. But they have a very similar player in Dybala. They need a very highly energetic hardworking talented Left Winger, Messi is not that a player. They will need money to buy a good replacement for Right back and Goal Keeping positions. So investing in Messi is not advisable.

Milan Clubs : Do they have money, they are trying to earn but have not earned it. Do the new Chinese investors have money to spend, I don’t know. They need to strengthen other positions in the squad also before being able to convince Messi of Champions League ……. ahhhh will they even qualify for Champions League. But I would love to see and Messi in the same team …wow.

Nepoli/Roma : — I have no Idea. They don’t have a world class team, and I believe they don’t have the money –

In Serie A, the physicality in the defensive play may be way too much for messi to handle and hence his goal numbers will drop for sure,

Within Spain :

NO WAY THIS WILL HAPPEN … Or will it, I don’t know. Not likely to happen

Chinese Clubs :

Messi deserves to play against better opponents, he deserves to play in front of half a million spectators in stadium, he deserves to have world class team mates, If I were Messi I would not go there. a BIG NO.

2 – Why would Messi leave Barcelona

His place in Barcelona squad is not threatened (it can never be threatened).

He is playing regular football.

He has a world class squad playing with him.

He can win Champions league with this team.

This chances of winning Champions league is maximum with this team.

It’s like home to him.

3 – Why would Barcelona sell him

He is their best player.

He is their most marketable player.

He is their answer to Real Madrid having a legendary player in Ronaldo.

There is no replacement in world soccer now. My be some one like Correa or Icardi or Dybala or Martial or Dembele or Mbappe or someone else has some little chance of becoming like him . Not in the near future.

The only player who can be able to fill the void left by a departing Messi (in marketing, business and footballing sense) is Ronaldo (His playing style will completely be against the Barcelona-Ajax playing style). Will Parez even sell him to Barcelona. Even if Real Madrid sell him will Barcelona buy him(even if they can afford him).

If Barcelona sells Messi their main rival Real Madrid will have a legendary player in Ronaldo but Barcelona will not have any. A big blow to their ego. A big marketting blunder . a big business blunder.

Between the time in which they sold Ronaldinho and the time when Messi proved to be a world class talent. They lacked a player who had the same marketing capability (yes they had Henry but not player in the same level of Ronaldinho or Messi in terms of marketability).

Unless they have a player in whom their manager has unbelievably immense faith like Pep had on Messi and if Barcelona had a similar faith on that manager like they had on Pep, Barcelona will not sell him.

So, the answer is No team will be able to afford the fee and Wages of Messi , even if there is one such team , Messi will not want to leave Barcelona, even if he wants to leave Barcelona will not sell him.

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