Why Some People Succeed But Most Don’t

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I was watching a video that a friend of mine created the other day about why she quit her job at Oracle to pursue her dreams. One thing she said really struck a chord.

“The difference between doing what you really want to do and what you are doing now is simply doing it.”

She is so right, and it reminded me of something I wrote about several years ago: why some people succeed but why most don’t. I still think it was probably one of the most insightful things I’ve ever written. So much so that I later published it on Amazon (a real book not Kindle!), I called it:

” I Can – The Art Of Focused Achievement.”

It looked at the things that hold us back from reaching our full potential and what we can do to combat them.

  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Failure
  • Perfectionism
  • Fear of Risk
  • Comfort Zone

To cut a long story short, I decided to update this post now in the hope it helps you make a success of your online business.


The Curse of the Shiny Object

Why did you get into online marketing?

Was it the lure of fast cars and wild vodka parties? Or was it to give yourself a little extra income, build a better lifestyle for your family, buy a nicer house or take better vacations?

Whichever it was, I doubt it was the fast cars and vodka parties because most of us have reasonable expectations.

We want to build an online business that that earns us a good income. $200-$500 a day is a reasonable start, isn’t it?

A lump sum once or twice a year for those expensive luxuries would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Did you read my report on what blogs earn? (You can read it here What Blogs Earn) Nearly all of the sites that I researched (over 100) are earning a good income.

I recently read a case study about a blog that went from $0 to $80,000 in December by following a simple plan.

Right there is the key: follow a simple plan. The case study plan was simple: publish a dozen in-depth, long form posts, then spend time getting backlinks to them. That’s it. Nothing radical, just a simple plan and stick to it. The reason it works is simply because MOST PEOPLE DON’T FOLLOW THROUGH.

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That’s what many of us fail to do. We start off strong and build a great site but we don’t follow the plan. Something else comes along and suddenly we start writing kindle books, or building videos or viral sites.

How many sites have you built that are just sitting there doing nothing? WHY?

Pro Tip: Stick to a simple plan and don’t get distracted by shiny objects.

Work The Plan

The only way to succeed is to stick to a simple plan and work it day in day out. Don’t do what most people do and give up. Stick with it.

I dread to think how many sites are abandoned that with just a little bit more effort would have started to earn a significant income.

What most people don’t realize is that Google has what’s called a sandbox. This simply means that new sites sit languishing low in the search rankings for a while until Google is ready to start to index and rank them properly. This causes many people to give up.

Both of the sites below are making a considerable amount of money.

At which point would you have given up?

Both owners however, didn’t give up and they stuck to the plan. Their plan? Great content and good backlinks. That’s it.

The good news is that great content now doesn’t need lots of backlinks to get results.

This month I launched what I call The 60 Minute Masterclass.

The idea behind it is simple, each month I focus on one aspect of online marketing and show you how it works and why it works. I also analyze a couple of online businesses that are doing well from this model. (It costs less than 2 decent coffees).

All you have to do is follow the plan.

The first training I’ve created is based on the business model I talk about above.

Simple Steps To Success

  1. Build a simple site
  2. Create 4 or 5 pieces of good quality content
  3. Spend 80 % of your time promoting that content

No costly advertising or tools and it can be done in a few hours a day.

Stick with it, work the plan and you will get the income you want.

Read more at 60 Minute Masterclass.

What Are You Afraid Of?

A few years back I was doing small updates to an e-book I used to give to my subscribers about How to be Successful in Internet Marketing. It’s not one of those “do this and do that” books, it’s more a: this is the mindset you need to succeed book.

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One of the sections talks about how people are afraid to actually try things.

What I wondered was when most people start to get scared of failure?

In the ebook, I told a story about the first and only airplane I ever built.

It must have taken me 2 months or so to get the bits I needed and it involved a lot of sneaking around building sites when there was no one there. (Did I mention I was probably 7 or 8 at the time?)

Anyway, I finally got everything I needed to build my plane… mainly long wooden planks and my sister’s roller-skates for the undercarriage. I also built a long ramp and my plane was ready to go on its maiden flight. It couldn’t fail.

I remember I didn’t have a flying helmet so I made one out of an old plastic ball I had… eat your heart out MacGyver!

5 – 4 – 3 chocks away – 2 – we started to roll down the ramp 1 – fly you bugger, fly!

Did you know you have a tail bone and you can break it?

Can you believe it didn’t fly? I was shocked once I came around.

I didn’t really learn my lesson as I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to get various motorcycles that I maintained myself around a track.

Life Is Supposed To be Dangerous

The point is, stuff we do is supposed to be dangerous and scary. It’s one of the reasons we evolved.

What would have happened if our ancestors had decided that rubbing 2 sticks together and making fire was a bad idea because it might cause a few burns?

What would have happened if they looked out of the cave and thought that hunting a mammoth was dangerous so it’s probably not a good idea to do it?

When was the last time that someone created a mailing list and got horribly injured?

When was the last time a blog went feral and hunted down its creator?

Internet marketing isn’t dangerous, it won’t hurt you. You’ll either not achieve anything or you’ll suddenly find you are successful and can change your lifestyle to the one you want.

The more you do, the higher your chances are of being successful.

Come on, show some of that pioneer spirit! The majority of my readers are from the US, UK, and Australia. Think about what your ancestors were up to 150 years ago. Traveling across continents looking for new lands and opportunities, making a living with their own hands, being adventurous. So what are you planning to do tonight?

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Are you going to sit at home watching TV or take a leap into the unknown?

Stop putting things off, find one thing you are a bit dubious about or scared of doing and just do it.

Now! Don’t put it off any longer… do it.

  • Build a list
  • Create a product
  • Do a video and post it on YouTube
  • Ask someone for an interview
  • Make a personal blog
  • Commit to following a simple plan for 6 months!

Whatever you do, do something… make your ancestors proud!


Online marketing isn’t difficult. In fact, our grandkids are going to look back at us and think how lucky we were to be at the start of the online revolution when there was so little competition.

The only things holding you back are not sticking to a simple plan and fear of taking action.

All you need to do is to create a simple plan, and stick to it. Work the plan. Stick with it and you will see results. Online marketing very rarely brings overnight success but constant action will bring success if you follow your plan.

If you liked this post, please share it, you might help change someone’s life!

Also please share what you are going to do by commenting below, I am seriously interested!

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