Everyday Dangers and Cautions of Mobile Phones you should know

mobile phone dangers

Smartphones have become one of the commonest devices. Purchasing a new phone to replace an old one is not a big deal. Because of this, mobile users treat their phones with less care. We become ignorant to certain instructions that would keep the phone safe.

However, some, unfortunately, lose their data contained in the phone, most especially in the incidence of phone crash. Deliberately, users surf sites containing viruses that could damage their phones. But as I said earlier on, it’s now easily replaceable. Let’s be more cautious and discipline to instructions guiding proper ways of using the phone. Under listed, are some of the ways of damaging your phone and its dangers.


Ways your phone could be damaged

Temperature conditions

Phones have internal systems, which have been programmed to work under certain favourable temperature differences. When the temperature of an environment or an area seems to be higher or lower it goes a very long way of putting your phone’s internal operating system in tough dangers. During very hot temperatures, don’t leave your phone inside your car, with glasses all rolled up. The heat absorbed by the phone will be unable to escape and will end up destroying the phone. At cold temperatures, phones are critically exposed to dangers, this is because the internal systematic parts are made of some specific semimetals that cannot conduct electric process at certain lower temperatures.

Unprofessional rooting of phones

It is shocking people can sit in the comfort of their homes and “try” rooting their phones. As cost-effective as it is, there are chances of losing your phone entirely. Rooting of phones differ with regards to the specific phone, one is using. You can’t gamble over chances over chances of either getting your phone rooted or damaging it entirely. That’s a bad practice. Well, others are very smart to follow guidelines of rooting their devices by the help of their manual, care must still be taken. Pure technicalities may defeat you in the process. I will, therefore, advise that you get a phone repairer or a professional person to help you out.

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Overloading your phone

People are normally unconscious of the amount of space they have on their phones before adding more videos, music or files. My brother, my sister, you’re doing your phone serious harm. If you are using an Android phone, you can preferably purchase an SD card, and load most of your data on it. If you’re using an iPhone, you can preferably load some files on your computer or tablet. Compounding files on your phone could corrupt or slow down your phone. Some videos may look relatively short but its quality could render its larger size, don’t be deceived. I’m saying this because normally one will say “I’m just adding additional 3 videos, it wouldn’t cause any harm” it will. You only need to make a periodic check on your storage space. You must also get rid of some videos and tracks, you don’t need anymore.


Over Usage

I know this will be very controversial. The ideally way, is to shut down your phone once in a week, but once attention is more on “what if I miss an important call in the process? That certainly shouldn’t be the matter, because you may still end up, spoiling the phone entirely. Offing your phone once in a week will cause the internal system to cool, and relax to continue its tasks. Using your phone for a very long time without offing can cause your phone to overheat, damaging internal system gradually. Now, people use phones everywhere, very busily. In vehicles, workplaces, schools and even in church. Can you imagine? If one person uses his or her throughout the day. Even humans breakdown at a point. We need to take proper care of our devices and also know, we must shut down our phones at least once in every week.

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Accessing virus-infected websites

Sometimes in the attempt of reading news, you can be redirected to an unknown site, which could harbour a set of viruses. Most people download games, tracks, videos and pull viruses along unknowingly. This is very dangerous, as compared to other dangers. If along the line you’re redirected to a site unknown please exit that site. It could be a death trap for your phone. If you’re lucky you will be notified by your system manager that “this site contains certain viruses, that could harm your phone”.That’s in some cases, not in all cases. You need to be smart and knowledgeable about the particular site you are accessing.


How To Care For Your Phone

  1. Read manuals: Don’t see manuals as mere formalities, please read them. Manuals always contain essential pieces of information, that you won’t know.
  2. Use Appropriate Chargers: it’s funny how we feel comfortable with things that appear usual but dangerous. Every type of charger has it installed capacity for its phone. Let’s desist from using different chargers for our phones.
  3. Don’t Fly Your Phone, Pass It On: Is it laziness? Gracious me, people throw phones for people to catch. Stay blessed with a safe goalkeeper then, even with a safe goalkeeper, you can still shift your mouthpiece in the process. What if it falls down. Just don’t allow that to happen, humbly walk to the person and deliver. For those, who throw phones right from their door unto the bed for fun, it may be sorrow at last.
  4. Keep Phones In Your Front Pockets: Most phone screens get crack as a result of keeping it in the back pocket. What happens is, one forgets when sitting and may easily render it cracked.
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NOTE: Treating your phone with care, is discipline and cost-effective.

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Written by Aba Forson

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