Startimes channels and prices in Ghana

Startimes channels and prices in Ghana. A million Ghanaians who switched from analog to digital are enjoying more channel choices thanks to Startimes. Using StarTimes decoder, viewers will have a greater diversity in terms of what they can watch including better sound and picture quality and can say goodbye to low signal strength and what’s even great is that the bouquet is affordable.

Depending on your startimes package you can watch anything from Nollywood movies, international news channel, documentaries, latest music videos and even sports. The following post covers StarTimes channels and prices in Ghana as well as how you can pay for your favorite bouquet.

Startimes channels and prices in Ghana
Startimes channels and prices in Ghana 2

How to install your StarTimes decoder

The success of your StarTimes decoder will depend on the signal level and strength. Here is a step by step guide on how to install your StarTimes decoder and antennae.

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  • First, when opening the box try and avoid misplacing any small accessories.
  • Take the long pole and insert into the antennae hole.
  • Tighten the antennae using the provided screws.
  • Screw in the connection cable wire to the circuit box of the antenna and insulate the ends of the wire with a masking tape to prevent contact with moisture which can cause rust.
  • If the cable looks too long then tie it gently to the pole to ensure that the wire doesn’t disengage from the circuit box.
  • Place your pole on a raised platform that is free of any obstruction. The most common area to mount your antennae is on the roof. Just make sure it faces directly towards the transmission mast stationed in your locality.
  • Insert the cable wire to the antenna in the port located behind the decoder.
  • Finally, switch on the decoder and scan to enjoy your StarTimes pay-tv service.

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How to pay for Startimes monthly subscription Ghana

To access and pay for Startimes channel you need a satellite antenna and decoder. The StarTimes decoder price is around GHC140. The satellite decoder allows you to watch both terrestrial and satellite TV channels without having to change any cables. You can pay for your StarTimes subscription Ghana via MTN.

How to pay via MTN

  • Dial *170# and reply using the number 2.
  • In the menu option, select Startimes which will then ask you to enter the account number.
  • Key in your account number
  • Pay the correct amount for your StarTimes package
  • Finally, enter your mobile money pin number.

After the payment, your StarTimes subscription will be active and you can enjoy your favorite channels. You will have to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy the StarTimes bouquet channels in Ghana.

In case your StarTimes channels do not resume even after you have made the correct payment then contact startimes customer care via their contact number or different social media platforms. You can also pay for Chinese and Indian add-ons for a price of GHC 80. In an effort to remain competitive, countries with the startimes classic bouquet such as Kenya and Nigeria can now enjoy an addition of 5 free new channels regardless of whether you’re using the antenna or dish.

Startimes Ghana frequency settings

The digital decoder frequencies of the startimes pay TV system come preinstalled into the decoder. After connecting your antenna and switching on the startimes decoder you should set the correct time, country and language. The already encoded StarTimes Ghana frequency will give you excellent signal strengths and scan experiences. Just make sure your antenna is mounted and faces the correct geographical direction that will help capture sufficient signals.

If you adhere to the startimes decoder instructions during installation you will never have problems with StarTimes Ghana frequency and even settings. However, if you experience any frequency related issues then try changing the position of your antenna and rescan the StarTimes decoder.

What you can watch using StarTimes decoder

Startimes main aim is to make pay-TV affordable for every family in Ghana and that’s why it’s still one of the most affordable pay TV services. The StarTimes TV packages have been grouped to help interested parties choose that which fits their budget without sacrificing entertainment or great viewing experience.

With over 400 authorized channels, startimes has diversity and brings great content which you can enjoy at the comfort of your home. The startimes bouquets are grouped into 5 subscription packages which need to be renewed on a monthly basis. Startimes budget friendly bouquet and price include:

  • Startimes Nova channels Ghana

This monthly subscription bouquet has about 41 channels and for a price of GHC 15 you can enjoy uninterrupted channels. StarTimes nova channels Ghana can be grouped according to news, entertainment, religion, music, and children.

Watch the latest movies and series in ST Guide available on Channel 99, ST Zone on Channel 129, and AMC Movie in Channel 185.

News channel available in the StarTimes nova bouquet are CGTN news on Channel 266, TVC News in Channel 270, CNC World in Channel 273, NTA News 24 in Channel 433.

You can quench your entertainment thirst by watching various StarTimes channels which include ST Kungfu accessible on Channel 155, E. TV on Channel 160, ST Swahili Channel 400, ST Dadin Kowa on Channel 404, GTV on Channel 454, Farin Wata Channel 470, Orisun Channel 47, SilverBird TV on Channel 493, MAX TV Channel 530, and UTV Channel 535. Do you like staying updated on the latest happenings of celebrities? Then pay the StarTimes Nova bouquet to watch the E star available on channel 190.

If you love religious-themed channels then StarTimes has you got you covered. Religious channels available in this bouquet are ST Gospel can be accessed on Channel 360, Deen TV Channel 365, IQRAA Channel 366, and watch Dove TV on Channel 508.

Whether you love local, gospel, rap, blues, rock or reggae, startimes has various music channels. For local and international music then tune in to channels like Trace Africa, Gospel Music, Nigezie, ST music, ST Naija and ST SA music.

You can watch CGTN Documentary on StarTimes Nova bouquet Channel 231.

Be it cartoons, creative stimulation or educative exposure, you can let your kids watch Smile of A Child available on channel 306, Davinci Learning on channel 308, and Mindset Learn on channel 309.

Startimes Smart channels and prices in Ghana

This bouquet has 72 TV channels and a monthly subscription price of GHC 30. Smart bouquet channel list includes:

  • Movies & Series – ST Guide, ST Zone, IROKO 2, ST Novella E, ST Zone, ST Sino Drama, Fox Life, AMC Series, AMC Movie, and ST Yoruba.
  • General Entertainment – ST Kungfu, E. TV , E Stars, ST Swahili, ST Dadin Kowa, GTV, Farin Wata, Orisun, SilverBird TV, MAX TV, UTV , ST One, E! Eng, and ST Africa 2.
  • Startimes sports channels – ST Sports Focus, ST Sports Arena, Fox Sports 2, and EuroSports News.
  • Documentary – CGTN Documentary, Nat Geo Wild, Viasat N, Viasat H, and Animaux.
  • News – BBC, Aljazeera, France 24 E, CGTN news, TVC News, CNC World, NTA News 24, and Africa News.
  • Kids – Smile of A Child, Davinci Learning, Mindset Learn, JimJam, and Nickelodeon.
  • Music – ST Music, Gospel Music TV, ST SA Music, Nigezie, ST Naija, Trace Africa, and Trace Mziki.
Startimes channels and prices in Ghana
Startimes channels and prices in Ghana 3

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  • Religion – ST Gospel, Deen TV, IQRAA, Dove TV, and Emmanuel.
  • Indian – ST Bollywood Africa and Zee Cinema
  • Lifestyle – Fine Living, and Fashion One.

Startimes super bouquet channels in Ghana

StarTimes super bouquet channels in Ghana go for a monthly subscription price of GHS 60 and after you pay you will enjoy 102 TV channels. Super bouquet channel list are:

ST Guide, ST Zone, Iroko 1, Iroko 2, ST Novella E, ST Novella E Plus, ST Zone, ST Sino Drama, Fox, Fox Life, AMC Series, AMC Movie, ST Yoruba, and ST Movies Plus.

ST Kungfu, E. TV, E Stars, ST Swahili, ST Dadin Kowa, GTV, Farin Wata, Orisun, SilverBird TV, MAX TV, UTV, ST One, E! Eng, and ST Africa 2.

  • StarTimes sports channels

ST Sports Focus, ST Sports Arena HD, Fox Sports 2, Euro Sports News, ST Sports Life, ST World Football, ST Sports Premium HD, Fox Sports, and Fuel TV.

CGTN Documentary, Nat Geo Wild, Viasat N, Viasat H, Animaux, Nat Geo E, Discovery Science, IDX, Viasat H, and Viasat L.

BBC, Aljazeera, France 24 E, CGTN news, TVC News, CNC World, NTA News 24, Africa News, Fox News, MSNBC, and Bloomberg TV.

Smile of A Child, Davinci Learning, Mindset Learn, JimJam, Nickelodeon, Pop, and Baby TV.

ST Music, Gospel Music TV, ST SA Music, Nigezie, ST Naija, Trace Africa, Trace Mziki, ST Soul, Kiss TV, Magic, MTV Base, Classica.

ST Gospel, Deen TV, IQRAA, Dove TV, and Emmanuel.

ST Bollywood Africa, Zee Cinema, ST Bollywood HD, and Star Gold.

Fine Living, and Fashion One

Why you should opt for StarTimes TV packages

StarTimes has made it easier for all home users to find their favorite TV content by grouping the channels. Although StarTimes TV packages have different prices, they are grouped either as entertainment, news, religion, sports, documentaries, music, lifestyle and kids’ stuff. Each of the categories has its own benefit for those watching.

StarTimes kids channels

Nowadays children love to watch TV and one way to ensure that your kids are watching kid-friendly content is to ensure they watch StarTimes super bouquet channels in Ghana that are specifically tailored for young children. These channels are educative and promote healthy viewing habits without constantly worrying about parental supervision. They can use these channels to learn about a variety of subjects and explore places that they couldn’t see otherwise. For example, they can learn about giraffes, how snow is formed and different weather conditions. Additionally, when kids watch their favorite cartoon character engaging in a fun activity, they will also be motivated to do the same.


Youths and even young children tend to be influenced by what they see on Television. StarTimes entertainment channels that promote positive agenda like health awareness, environmental protection and healthy lifestyle choices pinpoint positive traits that children can emulate.

List of channels on startimes classic bouquet Ghana in the entertainment category are not just for kids, adults can also benefit from watching them. After an exhausting day at work, you want to come home, relax and watch your favorite channel. During the weekend you can use the movies and series channel to catch up on your latest TV show including Telenovelas.

StarTimes sports channels

Be it football, soccer, rugby, basketball, cricket, swimming or boxing, most men love sports. They tune in every weekend if not every day to catch up on the latest happenings of their favorite team. Fortunately, you a wide selection of TV channels explicitly devoted to sports only. Even the news has a sports section for all sports fan. Instead of running from one place to another looking for a bar showing your favorite team plays why not just pay for StarTimes bouquet and have all sports channels from the comfort of your home.

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