Medical Insurance South Africa : All You Need to Know

Medical Insurance South Africa.  Getting adequate health cover is extremely necessary because ill health or health emergencies can be very unpredictable. { Medical Insurance South Africa, All U Need to Know }

As a way of helping you choose the right health insurance plan, we’ve compiled a list of reputable health insurance providers in South Africa along with their packages.


Medical Insurance South Africa : All You Need to Know

One Plan offers a very comprehensive health insurance for both you and your family. You can even apply for medical insurance for your pets.

Whether you want to see your eye doctor or it’s your kid that needs to see the paediatrician, One Plan’s health cover will certainly meet your need. Also, One Plan is an excellent alternative for many South Africans that can’t afford the traditional medical aid.

Overall, the response time in processing your claims at One Plan is quite fast. You can do every thing using your mobile phone thanks to their integration of the unique Onecard system with the mobile claiming technology.

Affinity Health is one of the leading health insurance providers in South Africa. Their insurance package is quite alluring especially with the option of unlimited doctor visits at just R417.

The health cover is quite affordable and you can easily apply online to buy. Also, it is quite extensive and covers virtually all forms of hospitalization. From permanent disability to maternity and accident-related emergency, Affinity Health Plan gives you and your family no stress when any of these happens.

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Affinity Health also offers a wide choice of hospitals and you’re not just restricted to a small set of hospitals. If you own a company, you can use the Affinity Health Package to provide adequate cover for your employees.

Hippo is one of the leading insurance firms in South Africa and their health insurance clientele is also one of the fastest growing.Medical Insurance South Africa

They offer both medical aid and medical insurance and you can use either or both of them depending on what you think your preferences are.

The medical insurance allocates a daily amount to your treatment in the hospital while the medical aid covers the cost for treatment based on your condition.

Hippo offers you a luxury of options when you apply for health cover. For instance, if you aren’t sure which hospital to choose you can request Hippo to help you with it. On the other hand, you can also select the hospital of your choice if you already have a preferred one.

Also, they have packages that have been tailored to your budget size however; these packages are quite robust irrespective of your budget.

Essential Med is another top health insurance firm in the country that offers both personal and group medical cover. These include affordable cover for your doctor’s visit, medication cover, dentist cover, and many other amazing packages

The group cover is what you can apply for if you own a company. Some of the benefits include adequate cover offered in the case of permanent disability or hospitalization due to an accident.

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The customer service at Essential Med is really excellent and you can easily seek clarity when applying for cover or processing your claims.Medical Insurance South Africa

Wrapping up

As the saying goes – health is wealth and one of the ways to always maintain good health is to buy an affordable and comprehensive health insurance plan.

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