Top 10 Cheapest African Countries to Visit 2018

Top 10 Cheapest African Countries to Visit 2018. Trying to get a budget-friendly destination in Africa for your vacation might seem like a huge task if you don’t know which countries are the most affordable to visit. Interestingly, we’ve made the task easy for you by compiling a list of the top cheapest African countries to visit.

Top 10 Cheapest African Countries to Visit 2018
Top 10 Cheapest African Countries to Visit 2018

Top 10 Cheapest African Countries to Visit 2018

  1. Egypt

Visiting a place like Cairo in Egypt can be quite cost-effective. Ideally, a day in Cairo shouldn’t cost you more than $18.69. This includes lodging, meals, transport, and entertainment.

  1. Morocco

Morocco is another affordable African country where you can have excellent food, a low budget accommodation plus great fun.

  1. Senegal

In Senegal, a place like Dakar in Senegal should cost less than $35 a day and you wouldn’t miss out on all the trappings of an ideal vacation.

  1. Tanzania

One of the most prominent places in Tanzania is Zanzibar. You can get a cheap lodge, entertainment, and cultural attraction and still enjoy your trip on a minimal budget.


Top 10 Cheapest African Countries to Visit 2018

  1. South Africa

Some parts of South Africa could be quite expensive, however; you can still enjoy your trip to some of the best places in the country without breaking the bank. A trip to Cape Town will cost a little over $40 per day and you’re sure not to miss out on the things that make your trip fun.

  1. Kenya
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Kenya is another affordable country to visit. Nairobi is one of the major landmarks of Kenya and it’s quite budget friendly.

7. Morocco

Morocco can be quite expensive if you don’t have information about the budget-friendly places. However, it’s still much cheaper than many other places in Africa.

8. Ethiopia

If you are a budget traveler, Ethiopia is a good place for you. You can spend as low as $35 per day. However, if you’ll be moving around a whole lot, you may need to budget an extra $10 or $15.

9. Malawi

Malawi is generally a rural country; however, it still attracts a lot of visitors. Generally, things are really cheap in this country, from accommodation to transport, you are sure not to spend so much while enjoying your visit.

10. Zambia

Zambia is another cheap destination in Africa. You can save money by moving around with their local buses. You can also get affordable accommodation during your stay. However, if you choose to stay at private safari camps you will certainly be spending a lot more. Overall, how well you balance the two extremes of the cost will determine how cheap Zambia will be for you.

That’s all about cheapest African countries to visit 2018.


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