UK study reveals that digital marketing jobs are on the rise in 2022

UK study reveals that digital marketing jobs are on the rise in 2021. Job markets are becoming increasingly competitive, with many professionals and aspiring professionals seeking employment in high-paying roles, including digital marketing, to cover their bills.


UK study reveals that digital marketing jobs are on the rise in 2021

More professionals are seeing the need to upskill, switch industries, or change careers. With an increased demand for jobs and the growing benefits of CPD, more people are investing in professional training to ensure refined skills and recognised certification.

You want to know what the UK market currently looks like, compared to what you think. Well, Glassdoor data was analysed by CPD Standards to disclose the top skills paying people’s bills in the UK. In the section below, we assess the findings.

UK Industries Looking to Employ the Most Talents

  • Registered nurse. COVID-19 pressured the world, increasing medical professional demand, with 4.32% of advertised job offers on Glassdoor UK looking for registered nurses. The NHS has been pressured in the UK to recruit more medical hands in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus.
  • Janitorial staff. Glassdoor UK records 2.35% job offers for janitorial staff only. The pandemic forced some businesses to either close down or operate online. However, other businesses in physical operation are investing more in ensuring COVID compliance, standard hygiene and cleanliness to reduce COVID spread.
  • Digital marketing. At least 1.97% of vacancies are open to digital marketing reps, and marketing managers come in at 2% in Glassdoor UK jobs.
  • Private childcare. With a third of UK authorities reducing free childcare placements, early years can’t access free child care. This means private childcare is seeing an increase in demand, with 1.79% of open positions recorded in Glassdoor UK.
  • Private tutor. Glassdoor UK features 1.48% of available positions for private tutors to pay their bills. Many parents are investing in their children’s learning by hiring private educators to make up for lost school lessons.
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Digital Marketing Roles on the Rise: What Prospects Can Do

COVID is impacting how companies migrate their marketing strategies online. Lots of businesses are being forced to find innovative and effective ways to go virtual while remaining profitable.

Every digital platform is fighting for recognition online, making available digital marketing jobs increase in the UK. Following the study, digital marketing representatives make up 1.97%, with marketing managers making up 2% on Glassdoor UK. This means that although COVID hit many industries hard, digitally-inclined operations remained sustainable.

At least 85,000 stores have been launched online since March 2020. Reports show that 75% of buyers and sellers now prefer online stores, making digital marketing a fast-growing industry amidst the tough economic times.

  • Change in the consumer market. Before now, businesses focused on reaching customers through traditional marketing techniques. COVID changed the narratives as many businesses are switching to digital platforms to reach customers
  • An opportunity for brands to secure a space. Marketers can now reach more audiences in a single campaign cost-effectively.
  • The new normal. Digital marketing is becoming a global culture, and people are ensuring social distancing by relying on online services.
  • Increased online search queries. Search reports show that 81% of people search online for a product or service. About 74% of consumers have purchased online and most people are searching relevant keywords using search engines. Marketers now focus on consumer groups online to drive sales.
  • Cost. Brands are spending less to market their products and services using digital channels. UK study reveals that digital marketing jobs are on the rise in 2021
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How CPD Accredited Courses Help You Get a Job?

  • Recognised training. CPD is not just a self-investment. It allows you to plan your learning in practice and be certified. Yes, CPD training is recognised in the UK labour market.
  • Trendy. Employers love up-to-date talents that bring innovations to marketing. The benefit of continuing professional development can’t be overemphasised in this regard as CPD builds your skills and keeps your knowledge up to date for greater responsibilities.
  • Confidence. Another benefit of CPD training is boosting your confidence, especially when reaching clients online. Continuing professional training trims and strengthens your professional credibility to help you become more creative in handling new challenges.
  • Flexibility. You can access accredited continuing professional development courses online. These courses are shorter and do not take forever to complete.

CPD is also beneficial to digital marketing employers. Employers in this category can keep their standards high and consistent. Another CPD benefit to employers in digital marketing is creating training opportunities that encourage work engagement and commitment in serving customers.

Employers can open employees to learning new skills to become the best candidate in non-related digital marketing areas, meaning you do not invest in an additional workforce. Do not forget that some industries, such as health, require CPD specific professional certifications to ensure standard practices.

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Written by Aba Forson

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