Best Time for Safaris in South Africa

The Different Best Time for Safaris in South Africa. South Africa is a tremendously great nation with a fluctuated atmosphere, and therefore, it is crucial to know the best time to visit for a safari varies between the distinctive locales and season of the year, this brought the topic in discuss – The Different Best Time For Safaris In South Africa .


The seasons in Africa are just the inverse of North American vase seasons, so its pre-winter keeps running from March through May; spring keeps running from September through November.

The Weather Channel indicated the best months for an African safari { best time for safaris in South Africa } which includes March, April, September or October when temperatures are not too hot.

The average summer temperatures achieve 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Kruger National Park and 80 degrees F in Cape Town, alongside deplorable dampness. By differentiation, average winter temperatures drop down to 69 degrees Fahrenheit in Cape Town and 77 degrees F in Durban.
Are you Planning to visit the Eastern Cape Game Reserves?

The Different Best Time for Safaris in South Africa

The summer in the Eastern Cape usually begins in November, with hot days and charming warm nights. The late spring months of January to March are the most sultry months, with normal temperatures around 30 degrees C – however short storms in the late evening help to chill the warmth of the day. Fall (April and May) is wonderful, with regular day by day temperatures of around 20 degrees C up to 25 degrees C. However the nights can be cold.

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Amid the winter months of June, July and August, temperatures can get down to as low as zero during the evening and in the early mornings, yet amid the day they normal between 15°C and 20°C. In between September and October, things begin to warm up once more. However the nights are as yet cool.

The Best Time to Visit the Kruger National Park – { Still On Best Time For Safaris In South Africa }

The late spring months in the Kruger National Park (November / December through to March / April) are to a significant degree hot and moist. Temperatures can take off more than 40°C, and this is likewise the rainy season. Numerous creatures conceive an offspring amid the stature of summer, so it is an incredible time to visit, especially if you are interested in seeing a lion fledgelings at play or flimsy zebra foals taking after firmly behind their mothers.


The winter months are considerably cooler and dryer, and for the most part better for amusement seeing. The shrubbery dries back, making it simpler to spot amusement, in addition to the creatures, are more reliant on the waterholes – so diversion review is especially high around these regions.

Be that as it may, regarding joining a Kruger safari with a visit to the Garden Route or Cape Town. The winter months around these zones is, for the most part, the wet season – so despite the fact that the atmosphere in Cape Town is exceptionally Mediterranean, you will probably have rain, particularly amid June and July. On the in addition to the side, in any case, this would be the whale watching season so you will positively have the capacity to appreciate seeing these eminent animals near – another extraordinary occasion highlight.

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In Summary, To whole up the territories, below is a smart move for when its best time for safaris in South Africa and go on your adventures.

The South African Safaris are best from May – October (dry season). The wild blooms of the Western Cape and Namaqualand are best observed in early spring (August and September). To visit the Cape and Graden Route, the best time would be the mid year months, specifically Febraury and March. The Drakensberg Mountains are best observed amid the mid year months (October – February). The best time to see whales off the Cape’s drift is July – October.

Enjoy the visits.

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