Iki Yabanci (Saraswatichandra) Synopsis And Cast Full Story: Indian Drama

İki Yabancı (Saraswatichandra) Turkey’s most popular channel, Kanal 7, is starting a new Indian series. Here is the general story of the Saraswatichandra (İki Yabancı)” series that brings together India’s world-famous two stars Jennifer Winget and Gautam Rode..

Iki Yabanci (Saraswatichandra) Synopsis And Cast Full Story

The show is on the screens every day at 16:10 (now the new episodes are being released on weekends). I would also like to add that this series is adapted to a sovereign named Saraswatichandra. The series was also televised in India in 2013-2014.

Synopsis of İki Yabancı (Saraswatichandra)

Saras (Gautam Rode), a member of one of the most important aristocratic families of the country, has become a story filled with love and heartbreak over time, beginning with the sightseeing introduction of Kumud (Jennifer Winget), the educated and cultured daughter of a middle class family. Shortly after they  meet, the engaged couple realize that they are looking at the very different polarities of life without being too late.

Saras tells to Kumud that she wants to leave Kumi’s family and carelessly with the difficulties she will live in. Kumud, who is left alone, decides to do logic marriage for his family. Not too soon Saras realizes she made a big mistake and wants to reunite with Kumud, but there will be other obstacles in the face of the pair that they do not add to the account. Saras and Kumud always try to get away from each other and life will always bring them together.

Iki Yabanci (Saraswatichandra) And Cast Iki Yabanci (Saraswatichandra) Synopsis And Cast Full Story: Indian Drama
Iki Yabanci (Saraswatichandra) Synopsis And Cast Full Story: Indian Drama

Cast of İki Yabancı (Saraswatichandra)

Gautam Rode as SarasBorn on August 14, 1977 in New Delhi. He is a single and currently engaged with Aksar 2.

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Jennifer Winget as KumudBorn May 30, 1985 in Goregaon. She was once married but she’s single now.

Shiny Doshi as Kusum (Kumud’s sister)Born on September 15, 1989 in Ahmedabad, India. She is have a boyfriend named Mausam Patel now.

Monica bedi as Gumaan (Saras’s step mother).Born  January 18, 1975. She was studied at Oxford University

Chetan Pandit as Laxminandan (Saras’s father).He is quite confused as a charismatic person.


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