Zee world: My Lost Home full story cast summary Zee Tv Shows

Zee world: My Lost Home full story cast summary Zee Tv Shows
Zee world: My Lost Home full story cast summary Zee Tv Shows


Zee world: My Lost Home full story cast summary Zee Tv Shows.


Premiere date: Thursday, 7 December 2017 at 18h00

My Lost Home tells the story of three daughters in the Malholtra family, Mahi, Raji and Soni, and explores how their lives are changed when they get married.

My Lost Home – the house that has its arms, heart and door always open for a woman. This is the story of three daughters and their family – their home (Maayka). Unfortunately, one day a bomb explosion takes place at Malhotra’s house caused by a terrorist who was staying with the Malhotra family. The whole Malhotra family dies, including Raji (eldest daughter), the mother, the father, Prince (younger brother), and the grandmother. This create problems for the two surviving daughters, Mahi and Soni, who handle harsh lives at their in-laws’ house. They cannot go back to their parent’s house. The question remains:::What happens to a girl when her home is destroyed? Now who should she share her problems, that she used to share with her mother and father, with?

The series focuses on the changing dynamics of their relationship with each other and their in-laws – who think they’re too close – and the impact of marriage on them.

Brief Information and Details on My Lost Home on Zee Tv Shows:

  • First Episode: 7 Dec 2017
  • Total number of episodes: 585
  • Total numbers of season: 3
  • Zee Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Original name: Maayka
  • Tele Country: Indian
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My Lost Home Actress/Actors list Cast, picture and Real name Zee World.


1) Brij Malhotra Real name is Sudheer Pandey.

The Patriarch of the house, he the Father of Four children: Three Girls-Rajji, Soni and Mahi and One Boy-Prince.Brij is a traditional Punjabi businessman and a nice guy at heart.He strives to keep his wife and children happy.He has a nice sense of humor and shares a Chatpata relationship with his wife.they are not Boring Oldies.He cares about people’s feelings.This you can see by the way he tells his wife to keep money in Guddu’s drawer.Guddu is the Shop-keeper and a previous acquaintance of Malhotra’s who helps the Malhotra’s in Vaishno Devi.


2) Mohini Malhotra Real name is Zarina Wahab

Brij Malhotra’s Wife and Mother to his children she shares a very sweet relationship with her husband.It has of Love and Respect.She is not a typical house-wife.She does not hesitate to make fun of her husband.she is a typical mother who worries about her children and is sad for the day when her beloved daughters will leave them and go.

Raji Khurana

3) Raji Khurana Real name is Urmila Kanitkar

Raji is the eldest daughter of the Malhotra family.She is simple and mature.She cares for younger siblings in the absence of her Parents.


Soni Khurana real name is Shilpa Shinde


Soni Khurana real name is Aarti Singh


Soni Khurana real name is Kanchi Kaul

4) Soni, She is the middle-most daughter of the Malhotra family.She is the Joker of the family.She is always confused about even the smallest of things.Like every girl, she dreams of meeting her Prince Charming and getting married to him. Along the line, there will be a replacement for Soni Khurana role.

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5) Mahi Sareen real name is Neha Bamb.

Mahi is the youngest daughter of the Malhotra Family.She is Chatter-box who gets hold of someone or the other and keeps talking to them.She is playful and lively.


Tina real name is Amrapali Dubey


Jeet Khurana real name is Romit Raj


Angad real name is Indraneil Sengupta

More Characters list Original Names on My Lost Home Zee tv shows

  • Mr. Khurana real name is Naresh Suri
  • Mr. Khurana real name is Pankaj Berry
  • Mohini Malhotra real name is Nandita Puri
  • Naani Maasi aka Mohini Sharma.
  •  Durga Khurana real name is Aruna Irani
  • Durga Khurana real name is Neelima Panjrekar
  •  Durga Khurana real name is Shoma Anand
  • Veer Khurana real name is Vineet Raina
  • Jeet Khurana real name is Vikrant Rai
  • Veena Khurana real name is Juhi Singh
  • Jyoti Khurana real name is Karuna Verma
  • Parmeet real name is Gurpreet Singh
  • Lovely real name is Upasana Singh
  • Charanjeet (Cherry) Khurana real name is Damini Anand
  • Yashwant Sareen real name is Pawan Chopra
  •  Shabd Sareen real name is Vivan Bhatena
  • Kamya Sareen real name is Nisha Sareen
  • Taayaa Ji real name is Susheel Parashara
  • Billo Taaee Ji real name is Jayati Bhatia
  • Prem real name is Parmeet Sethi
  • Suhani real name is Jasveer Kaur
  • Sapna real name is Shreya Bisht
  • Harry Mama real name is Raju Kher
  • Angad real name is Indraneil Sengupta
  • Sukhi real name is Kunal Karan Kapoor
  • Daarji real name is Arun Bali
  • Aditya Dhanraj real name is Micckie Dudaaney
  • Akhil real name is Karan Khanna
  • Bhua real name is Savita Bajaj
  • Sandy real name is Anil Lalwani
  • Simran real name is Jhanvi Chadda
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