Jabb Love Hua / Love happens Full Story On Zee TV

Jabb Love Hua / Love happens Full Story On Zee TV –¬† Jabb Love Hua¬†(International Title:Love Happens) is a Hindi serial that aired on¬†Zee TV¬†from April 24, 2006[2]¬†to July 12, 2007. It starred¬†Sudeep Sahir¬†and¬†Priya Badlani¬†in the main roles.

About The Show¬†Jabb Love Hua / Love happensZee TV’s show Jabb Love Hua / Love happens’ is the love story of Aanya and Raghu. Aanya is a cute, daring, pretty lass, who is a spoiled brat. 18-year-old Aanya has been blessed with all the riches in the world. She is surrounded by cars, expensive clothes, credit cards, expensive holidays and a host of boyfriends. Aanya believes in the power of money and uses it to her advantage. Aanya has nothing to ask for because she has been blessed with it all. But fate has something else in store for Aanya. Both a turn of events, and an unwanted wish coming true, bring Aanya face to face with a new world. Aanya suddenly loses it all! This new life introduces her to a new person, Raghu.

Serial: Jabb Love Hua
Telecast Date:
Episode Number: 256
Available on: OZEE Video Player

Plot (Jabb Love Hua / Love happens)

The show starts with Aanya Shroff (Priya Badlani), a girl born with silver spoon in her mouth, accidentally making an undesirable wish and her whole family gets in trouble and run from the town and they end into a village where Raghu (Sudeep Sahir), a villager boy lived. When Aanya encounters Raghu, both are disappointed by each other’s behaviour and end up fighting. But gradually both start falling for the other and their fights become the string that attach each other. Bhola (Rahul Lohani), Raghu’s best friend fall in love with Isha, Aanya’s sister who is jealous of Aanya. The series depict their love story as a city girl falls for a villager and she accepts the village lifestyle.[3]

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The Show Was Dubbed Un French and Aired on Zee Magic channel: 51 Canal Sat

Cast Jabb Love Hua / Love happens

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