Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Full Story & Updates

Kumkum Bhagya Get The Full Story Updates Abhi Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Full Story & Updates. Kumkum Bhagya (Vermilion in my Fate) (International title: Twist of Fate) is a Hindi-language Indian soap opera which premiered on April 15, 2014[1][2] and is broadcast on weeknights on Zee TV. The show is loosely based on the novel Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen.[3]

Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate follows the love story of a famous musician Abhi married Pragya, initially thought to be the love interest of the person who was the crush of Abhi’s sister, but ends up knowing the truth and falls in love with her. The pivotal characters of this show are strong, feisty women, living together in an all-female matriarchal family. The series stars Sriti JhaShabbir AhluwaliaMrunal ThakurArjit Taneja/Vin Rana as lead roles. The series is produced by Ekta Kapoor under the banner Balaji Telefilms. Continuing her tradition, Ekta Kapoor has named the series starting with the letter “K” because she feels it is lucky.  The show is directed by Sameer Kulkarni and developed by Ekta Kapoor.

The series Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate started as the story of Pragya and Bulbul and their mother Sarla’s hope to see them married, but as time went by, the show is about Abhi and Pragya.

Due to Kumkum Bhagya’s popularity, a spinoff series has been made titled Kundali Bhagya, which portrays the life of Pragya’s long lost two sisters Preeta and Srishti.


Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate (The Plot)

The story (Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate) is a about Pragya a humble teacher and a rock star Abhi. Sarla Arora, who runs a marriage hall, lived with the hope of seeing her two daughters happily married. Pragya, the elder daughter, is practical, hardworking and teaches at a college. Bulbul, the younger daughter, has her head in the clouds, has a job but hates her boss Purab. The show follows the lives of the two sisters and their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Initially, the series followed a love triangle between Pragya, Bulbul and Suresh, where Pragya loved Suresh, who had feelings for Bulbul, leading to Pragya and Suresh’s engagement getting canceled.

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Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Full Story & Updates. Simultaneously, Abhi is a rock star in a relationship with a supermodel Tanushree (Tanu). Purab Abhi’s best friend, was engaged to his sister Aliya. Purab and Bulbul initially had hatred feelings for each other, but later fell in love. Aliya misunderstood his affair with Bulbul thinking that he loved Pragya. As a result, Aliya, Tanu together with Abhi planned to get Abhi married to Pragya out of revenge. After the marriage, Pragya got to know the whole situation and for her sister’s protection, lied to Abhi that she indeed was in a relationship with Purab and eventually asked Bulbul to forget Purab. Purab agreed to get married to Aliya after knowing the whole situation as well, but was unable to forget Bulbul.

Kumkum Bhagya Get The Full Story Updates Abhi Pragya
Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Full Story & Updates

He escaped on his marriage day with Aliya to marry Bulbul where she revealed to Abhi that she was the girl.A complicated relation started in everyone’s life. Aliya and Tanu planned conspiracies against Pragya but their plans failed and brought her more close to Abhi, leading them to develop feelings for one another. Abhi got to know Aliya and Tanu’s true intentions, slapped Aliya for her wrongdoings, lead by her developing a grudge for her brother, he eventually improved his relation with Purab and Bulbul. Tanu on the other hand, accidentally got pregnant after a one-night stand with Nikhil. She faked her DNA reports and declared that Abhi was the father in order to get him back, leading to Abhi and Pragya’s separation. Tanu was supported by Nikhil himself who wanted Abhi’s wealth, Aliya who wanted revenge against him and Abhi’s cousin Raj, who blamed Abhi for his misfortune. Pragya overheard Aliya and Tanu’s conversation. Before telling Abhi, suffered an accident and was declared dead. Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Get The Full Story & Updates

After one month, Pragya returned with an arrogant appearance, having a new motive of revealing her enemies and getting Abhi back. Simultaneously, Bulbul and Purab got married where a sequence of love and jealousy started between Bulbul, Purab and Aliya. Furthermore, to save her sister from Aliya, Bulbul risked her life and died. An infuriated Pragya finally revealed the truth about Aliya, who was then banished from the family. Raj, whose misunderstanding about Abhi was cleared by Pragya, turned positive and complicated his relationship with his wife Mitali for actually being responsible for his problems.

Pragya finally discovered Tanu and Nikhil’s relation, decided to expose Tanu, but in vain. Tanu got a miscarriage in an accident and blamed Pragya. Facing Abhi’s anger, Pragya still proved herself right and finally revealed the truth about Tanu, having gained back his trust. The two proposed to each other in Lonavla, after which Abhi lost his memory in a car accident meant for Pragya, forgetting two-and-a-half years of his life, including Pragya. For his protection, Pragya left him, however did not divorce him. The show took a two-month leap and continued with Pragya overhearing her mother saying that she had lost the Kumkum Bhagya Marriage Hall.

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To help her family, she enrolled as a receptionist at Love Life Music Company, where she met Abhi who came to record his new album. They slowly became friends where Abhi hired her as his personal assistant. Aliya who took advantage of Abhi’s amnesia returned and wanted Abhi to marry Tanu in order to keep him away from Pragya. Abhi and Pragya’s relationship bloomed into something more and Abhi saw Pragya as his best friend and something more. After much conspiracies, Pragya challenged Aliya and Tanu that she will bring back Abhi’s memory before marriage with Tanu, she was supported by Dadi and Purab. Abhi has some unclear flashbacks of his past.


Purab makes Abhi realize his feelings for Pragya. Later both confess their love. But the story takes another turn when Tanu’s mother lies about cancer and Abhi believing her agrees to marry Tanu leaving Pragya heartbroken. On marriage day Pragya comes to meet Abhi for last time. There Dadi and Purab plan to swipe the brides but Pragya gets kidnapped by Nikhil. When Sarla tells Abhi that Pragya is kidnapped he leaves the rituals and goes to save Pragya. He saves Pragya and after some ups and downs in their journey to home they decide to marry in the jungle. When Abhi and Pragya will about to leave they have a car accident and Abhi gains his memory. Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Full Story & Updates


They meet Pragya’s father who does their gathbandhan and also they find out that Pragya has two other sisters. But unfortunately, Nikhil’s goon shots Pragya when they were trying to run from them and Pragya falls into the dam. Abhi tried to find her, but is unsuccessful. When he returns home, Sarla wants Pragya, but Tanu and Aliya kick her out. Abhi stops them and reveals that he regained his memory and that he remembers every day of his life. After one month and two days leap, Abhi is finding Pragya. And does a concert for her. There he finds Munni, Pragya’s lookalike a villager and thinks her to be Pragya and takes her home when terrorists attack and fire breaks out. After waking Aliya plans to use Munni.

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She tells her what to do she will kill her sister’s children. Munni unwillingly helps them. Soon Pragya who was in a coma returns to Mumbai to meet Abhi but finds out that he is married to her lookalike. Munni tells Pragya about Aliya’s conspiracies so Pragya returns to Mehra house as Munni and decides to hide her identity from Aliya and Tanu till Munni finds her kids. But Tanu out of jealousy exposes Pragya still thinking her to be Munni and Abhi kicks Pragya out of his house but she is able to return with the help of NGO women.

While bearing everyone’s hatred, Pragya saves Abhi’s life many times from a mystery woman called Simonika who is Abhi’s secretary and wants to kill Abhi as revenge for Abhi killing her husband. Through this Abhi realizes that she is his Pragya. Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Full Story & Updates

On the other hand, while on a trip to deposit Abhi’s money to the bank, Purab meets Disha who saves him from some goons and married her to prevent her from marrying Sangram Singh who only wants to hurt her. After Disha confesses her love, Purab feels guilty about still loving Bulbul and decides to give her the love she deserves and they consummate their marriage.

Kumkum Bhagya / Twist of Fate Full Story & Updates

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