Corazon Indomable (Wild at Heart) telenovela: currently topping world charts

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Corazon Indomable (Wild at Heart) telenovela: currently topping world charts – One of the finest telenovelas currently topping world charts, Corazón Indomable, also known as ‘Wild At Heart’ would start airing on Ghana’s newest television station, United Television (UTV), next Monday evening.

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Corazón Indomable is a leading Mexican telenovela still under production and UTV would be airing it in series and episodes as and when the producers release what they have completed work on.

Television content pundits have said Corazón Indomable would become more topical in Ghana than ‘Acapulco Bay’, ‘Sunset Beach’ and ‘Esmeralda’ in the late 90s.

It airs on UTV from Mondays to Thursdays at 8:00pm to 9:00pm. A repeat on each day’s episode would be shown the next day from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

The Mexican telenovela is produced by Nathalie Lartilleux who also acts as (Cuidado con el Angel). It is a remake of the well-known Marimar, which was a remake of at least two previous 1970s versions.

It has some of the best cast from South America including Ana Brenda Contreras (Teresa; La Que No Podia Amar) and Daniel Arenas (Teresa; Amorcito Corazón). The two star as the main protagonists, while Elizabeth Álvarez, Rocio Banquells and René Strickler star as the main antagonists.

Maricruz Olivares (Ana Brenda Contreras) lives with Ramiro (Ignacio López Tarso), her maternal grandfather, and with her little sister Soledad (Gaby Mellado) who is both deaf and dumb and was found by Ramiro when he was abandoned as a baby. Maricruz does not know that she is the daughter of Alejandro Mendoza (César Évora), a millionaire of noble sentiments.

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The Narváez Family Ranch is mortgaged because of the inept administration of Miguel (René Strickler), the older brother of Octavio (Daniel Arenas) who has newly arrived back at the ranch since he has lost his job and who wants to sell the ranch and the lands.

Octavio discovers Eusebio (Carlos Cámara), the ranch foreman, mistreats Maricruz and defends her. From that day forward, Octavio is captivated by her beauty, and she tries to make herself more beautiful for him. Octavio becomes infuriated when he discovers how cruelly his sister-in-law Lucía (Elizabeth Álvarez) treats Maricruz. For this reason, to teach Lucía a lesson, he decides to marry the humble young woman. Esther (Elizabeth Valdez), Lucía’s cousin, helps her make Maricruz’s life hell.

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Written by Aba Forson

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