You Are Mine / Sen Benimsin Full Story Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

You Are Mine / Sen Benimsin Full Story Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama. The new series Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine) will be on screen at Fox TV very soon. Leader of the series is the handsome singer Gökhan Keser and beautiful actress Rüveyda Öksüz. Gökhan Keser plays Ejder character, a child of a rich family in the Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine) sequence.

If Rüveyda Öksüz is in the play, the poor girl who is in love with the dragon is playing NajmeEjder wants to marry Nağme by taking the dragon family against him. His family is determined to prevent this marriage at any cost.

According to the first news reports, you will come to the screen Friday night from 19th June.

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Synopsis of Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine)

Ejder, a child of a rich Bursa native family, is a young person who does not care about money. Once he have a good education, it keeps its way to the barracks to do your military service. After his military service, Ejder, who started working in his family’s company, goes to Istanbul. He encounters Nazme with no account at all.

Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine) Cast

Ejder, falling in love with Najme, marries a sudden decision. Ejder, who married Nağme without informing his family, takes his wife with him and returns to Bursa. Secrets of the dragon, which is hidden from Najme, are revealed when it returns to Bursa. Najme learns that Ejder is the son of a wealthy family. Once she get through the first impulse, she get used to it. But Ejder‘s family can not get used to this situation as quickly as Najme and opposes this marriage. The real story starts later.

Cast of Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine)

Sen Benimsin (You Are Mine) star in the starring role of the famous singer Gökhan Keser and the beautiful actress Rüveyda Öksüz. Young singer Gökhan Keser had previously starred in acts such as Cennet Mahallesi and Selena.

The beautiful actress Rüveyda Öksüz was first starred in the famous TV series Ezra. The series also includes actors such as Dila Danisman, Musa Çiçek, Burak Sergen, Seda Akman, Ruhi Sari, Güven Hokna, Umay Anadolu Kaboğlu, Composition Sail, Gizem Denizci, Birsen Drenlü and Mesut Özkeçeci.

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